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    • Also something something  contractually obliged to support Chris and WiFi in their endeavours 
    • /shrug there appear to be 3 lines of discontent   That the main actress asked for more diversity in the interviews (although I think she was more blunt in her phrasing and initially asked for fewer white middle aged males, and later clarified more diverse). Also that she's being paid significantly more for her first movie than eg Robert Downey Jr was for ironman 1, although I think this is correct I haven't seen any analysis that compares her first pay with eg the payscales in Spiderman, black panther, antman etc (or other first films since the universe became so popular). the marvel universe films are a different beast now to 20 odd films ago   That captain marvel was initially a male character(?)   That they think endgame will all be about captain marvel and sideline the other main characters (this would be a mistake if done, but I see little reason to believe that's the plan, it does seem from contracts if nothing else that marvel will be one of the core group for the next phase)       Regardless I agree it's dumb, and I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would (my misgivings being that I generally dislike heroes that are super super super powered, or at least get bored by their plotlines. I appreciate the irony in someone that enjoys superhero films and fantasy in general). But I enjoyed the marvel/fury dynamic, laughed a fair bit and generally enjoyed it     From a different perspective, its currently my niece's favourite MU film, and captain marvel is her favourite character, but she's more of a DC fan at the moment from watching the DC school series(?) and she does enjoy super powered female heroes in general
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