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Sigils Of The Shadow (Tattoo Ideas)


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I've been thinking of getting inked with a Wheel Of Time-themed tattoo, thanks to some beautiful images I've seen on 'Con event pages. I'd like to have the Asha'man and Dedicated symbols at some point, but I don't want my first tattoo to be in such a sensitive area. I was wondering whether there's an official image of the gauntleted fist grasping the lightning bolt that was associated with M'Hael (gold), Sammael (steel), and Be'lal (silver) at different points in the series. The only one of those Chosen I really like is M'Hael, and gold is NOT my color. Did Demandred have his own version of the sigil, d'you know? I feel like he would, since the Chosen we know to have had a variation of that sigil were all military-oriented. My favorite colors are black and crimson (like the original Moridin), so I guess I could just go with those, although I'm not sure he ever used that sigil.


Any thoughts? Have any of you expressed your devotion to the Shadow with tattoos?

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Make sure you have a superior tattoo artist doing the tattoo.  I have seen some really bad tattoos. Mine are both awesome. I still have to get the one finished. Sadly my artist isn't doing any due to health issues. No doing tattoos with shaky hands. 


Visit several artists prior to picking one to do the work. After all your body is a permanent canvas. 

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It’s not WoT related, but I have an idea for a sleeve. 


I already have a cross on my arm, Celtic knot work. Now, I’m thinking a pentagram on my wrist, almost portal like. On the opposite side of my arm I want Yggdrasil standing tall, with a branch over the cross. Dangling from the branch will be a piece of fruit, and coiling  around the cross will be a serpent, reaching for the fruit. Michael will be above the tree, arrayed for battle, with a trident aimed at the serpent.


on the other side there will be Odin, hanging from the tree Huginn and Muninn on his shoulders.

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My wedding ring is a tattoo actually. We did them for our 25th anniversary. 


I also have a lovely dragonfly sitting on an orchid branch on my left calf with a vine going around my ankle with 3 leaves. Each leaf represents one of my kids. I was going to charms around the vine, but sadly I have issues with the ink. Luckily the sunset with a pool of water is almost done. I just need the water added and I am okay with blue. Just have to go get it done. 

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