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Nobility Ranking By Country

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No there isn't. At least, I'm not aware of an easy to read, compiled list for ranking of nobles in every country there.

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I was more concerned with how they rank. Like the Cairhienin use stripes to mark what rank of nobility. How does Andor do it? And Tear with the High Lord's? Is it sigils? Wealth?


How would an outlander figure out who you were based off of your looks?

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For the most part in mainland Randland the power of nobles is based on the history of the House and past successes or failures. Powerful Houses can lose that Power (though it's likely much harder for a non powerful House to gain power).


Carhien does the stripes I think mostly because the Game of Houses is so big there that everyone wants to express their power and know the power of everyone else at all times.


Usually other nobles just know how powerful their House is compared to other Houses in most other places. Clothes play a high part though in it too. Extremely often clothes are expressed as showing how powerful you are and it goes all the way from the lowest peasant to the Kings and Queens.


Every character seems to have the ingrained idea of what your station is in life based on what you're wearing. We see this when Rand wants to inpress, vs. be under the radar, but countless times we hear things like 'his clothes were those of a well to do merchant' by characters evalutsting others.

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