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Welcome to the BT, Adastreia!

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For shame, for shame!  It's been almost 3 days and nobody has initiated Adastreia into our official BT welcoming tradition...  the half-mad (but tainted and joyous) welcome thread!


YOU FOUND US (and here we thought we were well hidden on The Farm :unsure: )  AND NOW WE WELCOME YOU!  


And of course, we welcome you with brownies first and foremost...




(Don't mind the chunks.  It's pure, concentrated tainted saidin of course... They're just there to get you used to the crazy.)


 Now please, tell us about you.   *pulls out the stalker notepad*


When did you find the Wheel of Time?  How did you hear about Dragonmount?  Which Asha'man is your favorite?  Exactly how insane are you?


And what exactly WOULD you do for a Klondike bar?

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Thank you! ☺


Okay, basics (from DM intro post): I'm a 29 year-old pro wrestling manager-in-training, metal music journalist (Sonic Cathedral Webzine), and proud member of Team M'Hael!


I don't remember when I discovered WoT, TBH, but I'm completely obsessed with the world and its characters. I've been lurking here on Dragonmount for a long time, mostly in threads about my favorite characters: Mazrim Taim, Logain Ablar, Moridin, Demandred, and Asmodean. Taim is my favorite, but Logain is a close second; I write about those two a lot over on AO3 and my WoT Tumblr blog. As for insanity... I dunno, I like to think I'm very sane next to people like Rand. For example, I only rarely engage in long internal dialogues with Lews Therin; most of mine are with Moridin. XD 


I don't like Klondike bars, but I would kill for one of those brownies. 

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Welcome! WoT, Metal, check.


Will plan on joining the Shadow once you're a Soldier though...knew there had to be something wrong lmao

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    • My issue with increasing congress to that size is  A) Nothing gets done in there as is and  B) I dont want to pay 46 million more dollars a year to those vipers, not including whatever insurances, lifetime pensions, healthcare and security details they get. I already thinks its ridiculous they get paid during the shutdown, completely, while government employees are forced to work without pay.
    • how can i remove it? or could you do it for me?
    • Sure, I'll post this  again:       The data for the graphs is currently 2 election cycles old (it was run off 04 and 08) but the points stand...though it would be interesting to redo the graphics with 16 and 12 results.   Secondarily, if the porposals listed (somewhere) about "fixing congress" by increasing the size of the body (to somewhere around 800, I forget) would also help by creating more (and distributing more evenly) electoral votes around the country, or more modest proposals to award electors proportionately would also help.   The danger here is the logic of either; system is broken, why fix it or system has always worked (even though it's been broken the whole time), so don't fix it.      The best part of the video is the path to the presidency with 22%  (or said differently, a president could win if 78% of the people voted against them) of the vote, which is, um, not a fair/just/equitable/local/whatever word you want to use system at all.

    • I’ve never really liked the argument that one’s vote counts less using a percentage based on total population to EC votes when comparing states because that’s not how the EC is supposed to work.   Its not a perfect system but I don’t think it’s awful. I’d like to move away from the winner-take-all system the majority of states use, but I dislike the idea of using a straight up NPV tally.
    • As for impeachment; we don't have any hard (or direct) evidence of him committing crimes while in office, and we don't have any hard (or direct) of him committing crimes to get into office, but there is a lot of circumstalial and unproven evidence of both in the public domain.