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Child Tris to the Citadel Come (Open)


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OOC: Heh, couldn't resist the Dark Tower reference in the title 'Childe Roland to the Dark Tower come'.

Open to any Band people, particularly if s/he wants to train Tris. :laugh:


The new girl smiled, checked her reflection in the looking glass, straightened her tunic, and headed for her lesson. Just remember Tristram, for the moment, you’re a boy, she reminded her flat-chested mirrored self as she stopped and looked back at the empty room. “Off I go then.”


The mirror Tris seemed a good looking boy, with the dark hair and pale skin of her parents. She’d only been with the Band for a few nights, was on probation still, and she hadn’t yet revealed her real self to anybody except the medic who brought her in, and ‘grandpa’ Burgandy, and that was by accident. 


Well, Tris mused, both of them obviously got bigger problems than Tris on their heavy shoulders. She felt sorry for the medic Jehryn — he seemed in a particularly foul mood and she took care to keep her distance from the bandaged-up man.


She left her room, and walked to the far end of the street past a sour looking officer, and then on a windy corner, checked the directions that’d been written on a scrap of paper. Right at this corner, past the rowdy tavern, and up the steps into the main area of the Citadel. She was amused to see training sessions were already in progress all around her, complete with attentive students of every age and description.


Training was all very new to her. She had to try her best not to screw it up. There were many nice-looking men and women who seemed honest and good hearted, but Tris couldn’t trust them right now. But she wouldn’t run away again, not until she found her mother.


At times, Tris despaired of ever finding the bloody woman outside of dreams . . . 


There was no point in thinking like that. She’d come too far to turn back. 


Tris Landorin

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(OOC: I am so sorry I didn't see this sooner!)


Arinth muttered to himself as he struggled to balance a large stack of papers in his hands. The infantry sergeant did his best to ignore the bag slung over his shoulder that jolted against his hip with every step. It was bad enough that he had to handle so much paperwork on a regular basis but now it couldn't even be brought to him. He was tempted to accidently "drop it" into the nearest, puddle, or fire, or heap of rubbish. His long dark hair fell in his face. He couldn't brush it back without losing the papers.

He kicked a rock grumpily and cursed as his stack of papers shifted precariously. He managed to save the papers from tumbling down, but just barely. He resolved to halt his rock kicking until his papers were safely on his desk. He frowned. Where exactly were they suppose to go on his desk? There were stacks of unfinished paperwork but there were also stacks of finished paper work that had not yet been retrieved. Was he suppose to carry that paper work around too now? He felt his blood pressure rise. Burn him, but it wasn't bloody like that he was going to do that too.


He saw a young man standing, watching everyone around him. Man? It looked like a boy, or maybe a woman dressed as a man. He shook his head. It was a boy. Just because there had been an incident with a girl dressing as a boy before, he couldn't go around assuming every girl was doing that now.


"You." He said, more harshly than he intended. The boy turned towards him. "Take some of these goat kissing papers and come with me." Before the boy could reply he thrust the papers into his arms. He took the top half back so that they were each holding half of the pile. It was much more manageable. Why had he been so stubborn in trying to carry all the papers at once? Ah yes, two trips. He had made the right decision.


Arinth turned to head towards his tent but the boy hesitated. "Well come on now, its not like you were getting any important training done anyways standing there gawking at everyone. Come with me and you can join me in my next training class, which I am already late for. Whats your name?"

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