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Approved Updated FL Seanchan Guild Bio for Cura Tenshi Relis - CC Not Required


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DM Handle: Jagen Sedai

Character Name: Cura Tenshi Relis

Age: 30


Guild: Seanchan

Role: Der'sul'dam


Physical appearance


5'4, average build, toned. She has almond-shaped blue eyes and black hair which goes to her mid-back, often elaborately and neatly tied up. She is always meticulous about her appearance with a perfect uniform every time her day starts. She is currently thirty-two. She has soft features and a small nose.

Physical weakness


 Cura is of average strength, and does not have any special training.

Physical strength


She can wield a knife, and was taught how to use a short sword. The damane she is in charge of are her main weapons.


Cura likes everything and everyone to remain in their proper place. She values order and planning, as well as her job training sul'dam and overseeing them and the damane. And while making sure that others do not rise above their station, Cura herself was a regular sul'dam not too long ago. However, a plot involving the High Lady Retamin helped secure Cura's place working under her.

Personality weakness


While Cura does not care much for anyone except herself, she does care for her younger brother, though she'd never admit it. For her, this is a weakness. But perhaps more relevant to the world, she is very stubborn and close-minded to the non-Seanchan culture—and also very impatient. She brooks no nonsense from people, though has just a little patience with new damane.

Personality strength


Her stubbornness can be her strength, if it benefits her to keep a certain position. However, she can also change her stances quickly to a winning or more popular side.


Character History

Cura had the great advantage of being born into high society right in the Seanchan capital. She was a middle child, though her oldest sister went off to become a soldier and she never saw her again after she left. Her father was a respected and loyal general and of the Low Blood. Cura was very close to him as she was growing up and learned her life beliefs, views and loyalties mainly from him. Her mother too was in the Seanchan military and until recently served as a morat'raken. With her parents' background it seemed only natural that Cura had a desire to serve as her parents did. She was trained as any Seanchan is in weapons and fighting, with her eyes only on becoming the best she could. In truth, she wanted to be a Seeker, or at least a morat'raken. However, that changed when it was found she could be a sul'dam, and this actually delighted her even more. She applied herself studiously and after a few years, and through her father's connections, she came to be a sul'dam serving under one of the High Blood, a lord named Vulrick Gushard.

She entered is service at the young age of seventeen, when she was still in training under the lord's other sul'dam. During this time she came to meet a well-respected Firsts of Heaven Captain named Visant Shogo, and fell rather obsessively in love with him. Try as Cura might over the years, a closer relationship never consummated and he rather mysteriously disappeared after only three years of Cura knowing him.

Devastated, Cura hunted down the reasons--and the man--responsible for making him disappear, which ended up amounting to a failed assassination of a Seeker, which her love interest may or may not have actually been part of. The Seeker, however, agreed not to report her foolish action if she in turn kept a watch on Lord Gushard and his people, reporting back information. This let her keep her honor. However, Cura was worried that if the Seekers were interested in Gushard, he may be up to something that was against the royal family.

Such an arrangement, then, eventually lead Cura to volunteer herself (with the Seeker behind her actions, of course) on a mission that was being lead by a highly respected Banner-General named Sefros Rhapsody. She admired him for his cunning ability in battle and strategy, his good looks, intellect and manners. All this admiration rather quickly lead to infatuation, and Cura let herself be known as a loyal woman and a sul'dam to be depended on.

There was a time during an official escort of their lord that Cura and Sefros had a tryst together. However, only days later the Banner-General disappeared, and Cura did not see him again. What went on, and why he disappeared, she never found out, and she only asked as many questions as she could without lowering her eyes.

Alone, Cura soon found she was with child. Under the impression that Sefros' disappearance had to do with the Seeker, Cura arranged a careful transfer of command to House Elioth in Kirendad, with the intention of temporarily being assigned to get training with the High Blood family's own der'sul'dam. Months later Cura had a daughter, Sefera, and only months after that she went back to work under Lord Gushard. Cura left Sefera with her mother but visited her often. However, when the Hailene was announced five years later, there was a flurry of applications to transfer to more powerful houses, and Cura submitted to work again with House Elioth; the High Lady, impressed with her work from before, said she could transfer.

Currently, Cura works under the High Lady Retamin Elioth in Elmora, Tarabon. In her free time she helps, at times, to care for her own younger brother, Clamin, who is considered somewhat 'special' under the High Lady's house. Cura brought her brother with her when she was chosen to transfer right before the Hailene. She could not bring her daughter, but she could bring her brother, and in a way she is motherly toward him. Camin serves as House Elioth's map-maker and book keeper. He has a fantastic memory for facts and is the top map-maker in Seanchan, but is rather socially awkward and is usually not in any public sphere. Cura was a sul'dam until her recent promotion, as well as the promotion of Meissa to so'jhin, after they executed a plan together to murder the High Lady's too-ambitious and annoying younger sister, the High Lady Sera, who was planning to kill Retamin. That business said and done, Retamin kept her seat and Cura got her coveted position. 

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