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SuperCon - Welcome & Intro Booth


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The booths are in place, the tables are set, and here is the place to cleanse your palette.

From near, and from far, the fandoms gather around, for now is the time to let your hobbies abound.

The Hobbits have brunched, and in the Doctor has hunched.

The Redshirts have beamed up, and in the Discworlder's have strut.

The Cosmere-nauts have stepped away from their theories, and the Fanboys/girls can see us through the Force quite clearly.

Mr. Dresden has graced us with his presence, so we won't accept any nonattendance. 


Welcome, one and all, to the

 White Tower SuperCon





This is bound to be a fun packed week, so please make sure you stop by regularly!

The Warders and each Ajah will all be hosting their own themed thread (listed below) so please make sure you stretch out your fandom muscles and visit as many as you find to your liking. 


White Ajah - A thrilling game of Star Trek Battleship

Brown Ajah - An enthralling Dresden Files Discussion

Yellow Ajah - Mind boggling Doctor Who word scramble

Gray Ajah - Thoughtful Discworld thread

Green Ajah - Lord of the Rings

Red Ajah - Star Wars

Blue Ajah - Fun filled Cosplay party

Warders - Cosmere

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