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The Stand Mafia [Advanced] - GAME OVER - TOWN AND NOTBOB WIN!

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5 hours ago, Andrej said:

I finished this book the other night.


How did you like it?

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23 hours ago, Songstress said:

How did you like it?


I enjoyed it. I felt the ending was sort of rushed considering the length the book covered the Free Zone and developing those characters and relationships. The beginning of the book and the stories where you're first meeting the characters and it's describing how quickly the plague is spreading and how family members, etc are being wiped out was really the emotional, scary part imo. The supernatural stuff with Flagg was good and creepy, but the reality that a superflu could actually happen was what really grounded the story for me and made it easy to get into as much as it gave me terrible thoughts about the real world :tongue:

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