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I have a serious problem.

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I have a song stuck in my head.


Actually, I have a very small section of a song stuck in my head, and it's beginning to annoy me.


Over the weekend, I was goofing around on YouTube, and ended up watching a couple of "best of" compilations full of short clips of performances from the TV show Glee. 


Yes, on purpose.  :unsure:


However, despite having heard several other songs since then, today at work I have a 10 second segment of Sia's "Chandelier" on endless repeat in my brain and I need to get it unstuck.


10 points from my June pool to anyone who posts lyrics or a video from a song that will successfully replace this song in my head!

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This is the song that doesn't end

It goes on and on, my friend.

 Someone started singing it, not knowing what it was,

And now we keep on singing it, simply just because...


And least I think that's the lyrics of it, but hope that helps.

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Lol some gold here.


There's the Numa Numa Song for meme, then try one of these catchy songs:


Beast in Black - Blind and Frozen

Ra - Broken Hearted Soul

Haste The Day - Meet Me Halfway  (only one that's not also a great song lol)

Hands Like Houses - Perspectives

Kamelot - Insomnia

My Enemies & I - Reborn


Let me know if any work!

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Honestly, Numa Numa has been giving it a good run most of the day, about 70% of the time I found myself chair dancing to that instead of randomly humming Chandelier.


It's not gone yet but I plan to spend some time burning other songs into my brain before work tomorrow. 

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Progress!  It took until about 3:30 PM today before Chandelier snuck back into my brain rotation...


I listened to a bunch of your suggestions yesterday...


@Dar'Jen Ab Owain A valiant effort! Strangely enough, I don't think that song has ever been stuck in my head. 


@Cross Small World has, but it didn't take this time.


@BFG That duck song was adorable. Time Warp was fun :biggrin:


@Clovdyx You are adorable.  The dragon song was weird :wub:


@Leyrann Logain trying to be evil? :wink:


@Illian Tear That was a good suggestion! It didn't stick, but I enjoyed listening to it.


@Katiora I hadn't heard a couple of those before - and I don't even remember the last time I heard  Hamsterdance :laugh:


@Mirshann Uuranor I just saw that on Facebook the other day, complete with the lion facepalm photo :wink:


@Talmanes I will have to try looking up some of the others, but Numa Numa has come the closest to defeating the stuck song so far!


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Success!  It's been almost 48 hours since the jukebox in my brain has served up Chandelier!


The one suggestion that came closest to replacing it entirely was Numa Numa (which took the top spot on Tuesday, and came back for another round on Thursday), so... 10 points to @Talmanes!


Also, 5 points to @Sooh for reminding me that I could totally get any other song from the soundtrack of Glee stuck in my head.  About 5 other songs popped up in my head over the course of the week, some of which I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed.  :wub:

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