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Lessons in Water and Air

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[[OOC: Been burning the midnight oil with @Lih-Lyh ! Here is Saidar Class 3 which was done via messaging. Class 4 was done in the same manner and will be posted shortly. First post is Lih, second post is me.]]



With Viv sat across from her, Lillian began today’s lesson. She was proud of how quickly Vivian took to saidar - these days novices and accepted swelled their ranks, but were raised quickly compared with even a few years ago. Lillian refused her arches twice before she faced her fears . . .


“There are five powers, or elements within the Source: air, earth, fire, spirit and water. Your strength in each will vary, as you will find some elements easier to handle than others. Women tend to be stronger in air and water while men are typically more proficient in earth and fire, and spirit seems to be distributed equally, although this is not always the case. Please note your affinity for each power will vary in strength. Please embrace saidar and observe.”


“This is a simple weave. Weaves are when you use more than one element, otherwise the term we use is thread. Each thread correspond to an element, and each element part of a weave. Rather like sewing.”  Lillian created a single blue flame in the air and let it die. “You see how the two threads I used, air and fire, are dissipating? You must never, no matter what, pick at these threads. If you do the weave will unravel and more than likely kill you and everybody close to you in the process. That would be disastrous, so don’t do this, ok?” Lillian knew somebody who could read residues innately, but that sister was now dead for picking at a weave. A hard lesson to forget.


Lillian pushed the steaming cup of tremalking tea across the table, continuing “first you should know the elements when you see them. Channellers sometimes see the colors differently, but most common is, fire as red, water green, earth brown, air blue, and spirit silver. I want you to look carefully at which thread I am drawing out of the glass.”


"Water is all around us, in the air. Learning to pull threads of water from the air needs a certain knack, but with effort you can do it. Now please try this.”


Lillian grinned, dipping her white handkerchief into a small pool of water in her basin and demonstrated another weave. "This is called dry. Though it is one of the easiest weaves, you will have to handle multiple threads of water to form a drain, and then tighten the weave until the water drains.

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                Lillian Sedai began today’s lesson with a lecture. Viviane hated it when people talked at her and not to her, something she had to get over once reaching the Tower. Lucky for Viviane, Lillian delivered her lectures with much more life than a Brown sister would. Viviane was terrified she’d have to study under a Brown, oh Viviane had started considering which Ajah she would join, and Brown was definitely amongst the top choices. The only thing keeping her away from them was the way they all acted, head always in the clouds and ink stains covering their gowns. No, maybe not Brown… Blue. Now there was an Ajah that Viviane felt a kinship too. Or perhaps even Yellow; but that had nothing to do with what was happening now…


                Viviane calmed herself, picturing the rosebud, and opened herself to Saidar as Lillian Sedai had commanded. It really was getting easier for Viviane, that excited her greatly. Lillian created a ‘weave’ before Viviane and went on explaining it. Viviane’s ears perked up when the Aes Sedai compared it to sewing, “Really, Lillian Sedai? Oh, that just makes all of this easier! I’m sure mother would’ve taken to this wonderfully, had she the talent…” Viviane felt sad for a moment, but quickly pushed those emotions away and focused on her lessons.


                “I promise never to pick at a weave, Lillian Sedai. Thank you for informing me of that hazard,” Viviane said politely.


                Unraveling a weave? She didn’t say it was impossible… I wonder if there is a way to learn? I should not like to die, but if it’s a skill that no one else possesses… I shall have to check the library and see if unweaving is a Talent. Thank the Light Lillian Sedai cannot hear my thoughts! …Can she?


                Lillian began pulling a thread from the glass. Viviane almost jumped in her seat. That had not been there before. It looked like the weave, but not as grandiose. From the glass spun an ethereal thread of green light. It was beautiful, however minute.


                At Lillian Sedai’s request, Viviane focused on what was around her. She felt that if she looked hard enough, she could see shimmers of light all around them. Very easy to miss, but upon closer inspection, Viviane saw that all of thepoints of light were colored blue and green. Taking a deep breath, Viviane pulled on a few of the green lights, which slowly elongated their forms as Viviane pulled harder. It seemed that all around the two of them, threads of green light were shooting towards Viviane from various points in the room.


                Viviane focused those threads towards an empty basin before Lillian Sedai. Before Viviane knew it, the green lights were disappearing, and water was filling the bowl, seemingly from nowhere.


                With a gasp, Viviane’s eyes bulged. Lillian Sedai continued on as if what Viviane had done were as natural as breathing. She pushed the wet handkerchief towards Viviane. This time there were no lights, not on the kerchief. Viviane was worried she wouldn’t be able to perform this exercise. Last time she could see the threads…


                Maybe if I try to look at them in another way…


                Focusing on her breathing exercises, Viviane banished away any feelings of insecurity. She kept focusing until she felt there was nothing left in the world but Saidar and her. Floating along in that peace, she felt something.




                Viviane pulled at the water stored within the kerchief. It came right out. Viviane’s eyes bulged out again as streams of water poured from the fabric and pooled a handspan away from the handkerchief. Viviane released the flows. The neat pool of water quickly separated and went in every direction; some of it even going back into the kerchief.


                “Light! I knew such things were possible, yet I still can’t get over the shock of seeing it done. Especially knowing that I am the one performing such feats! Oh, I know I have said it many times in the last few hours, but thank you ever so much, Lillian Sedai.” Viviane gushed, knowing full well that trying to flatter an Aes Sedai was useless. She couldn’t help it. Viviane really was as excited as she proclaimed.


                Maybe these Aes Sedai aren’t so bad after all… Well… Not all of them.

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