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Second Lessons in Saidar (Closed)

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[[OOC: @Lih-Lyh and I completed my Saidar 2 class via messaging. I am posting the scene here.]]



Lillian rested for a moment as she polished her sword. It was funny the things you don’t forget. Basic sword forms, dancing skills, they never went away. Like how to maintain your stance. You don’t do anything that would shake or upset the fine balance you’d achieved between your weapon and your body. She admired her weapon appreciatively as she cased her oiled clothes. Its balance was enjoyable. The engraved mark on its handle was proud and deliberate. Like the scar tissues of a sworn soldier. This was a form of meditation.


There was a knock on the door. Lillian instinctively reached for her sword, then stopped herself. “It’s open. Enter.” 


The aes sedai didn’t get up. Lillian was lithe and extraordinarily graceful. Her elegantly sculptural head was shaved to a fine down of hair. She was clad in a plain white bodysuit and the sheathe at her hip was shrouded with a red cloth. Her green gaze studied the figure in the entranceway.


“Lillian Tremina,” she said, smiling “I am an aes sedai of the white ajah. Who are you?”

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Viviane knocked at the door. Today she was to attend another lesson in Channeling, although not with Jagen Sedai. Today she was to be taught by a White sister. That should be interesting. Viviane didn't know too much about the White Ajah, but she had seen many White sisters in the Tower. They always seemed preoccupied. All Aes Sedai always seemed preoccupied when it came to Novices.


A voice called out for her to enter. Viviane threw her flaming red hair back and straightened her spine before entering the room. Before her sat the White sister. She was a beautiful woman with the agelessness associated with Aes Sedai. The woman was polishing a sword, very strange for any woman that was not of the Green Ajah.


Perhaps she has Green tendencies...


Viviane spread her skirts and dipped low and gracefully, making a perfect curtsy to the Aes Sedai, who identified herself as Lillian. Rising from her bow, Viviane spoke in a clear falsetto, "Good afternoon, Lillian Sedai. My name is Viviane Accylon, a Novice, as I'm sure is plain to see. I was instructed to come to you today for my lessons. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do so."

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Lillian nodded. Jagen was leading the effort at the black tower. There was training to be done, plans to use this period of time to get as ready as possible. She spent some hours work over the last fortnight going over the schematics provided of the firing mechanism and trigger system as supplied by a certain inventor from the Cairhien school Astradore told her about. Crazy to mix in fireworks powder; but Lillian had no problem with pissing off the illuminators. She patiently went over this schematic in the hopes that maybe she could firm things up. Mock up this device for practice purpose. With two friends, she had rigged together a catapult in Sister Vera’s garden while still an accepted, so there. Lillian enjoyed the subject matter of anything mechanical. There were a few other matters to attend to.


She built some time each day into her schedule for teaching novices and accepted. They were weapons as well . . . she offered to teach; wanted to make this happen. So, here was her first student since she returned from the borderlands. Rather attractive hair. 


"Viviane. Is there a shorter version?” Lillian asked, grinning at the novice whites remark. “And where are you from?"


Pleasantries exchanged, Lillian said. “Please close your eyes, clear your mind of everything but your rosebud. You are the rosebud. Nod your head when you feel ready to move on."


Lillian continued. “I want you to imagine the sun and its warmth touching you, the rosebud. Let that light fill your senses, pull more light toward you. As you bathe in the sunlight, the rosebud begins to open, embracing the warmth.”


“I want you to release the Source, do not hold on to it. Now open your eyes.”

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                “My mother calls me Viv, Lillian Sedai, although I generally will answer to anything so long as it is a derivative of Viviane. I am from Camelyn in Andor, my whole family has lived there as long as there has been a Camelyn. I come from a long line of dressmakers. My family was relatively well-known, in Andor, up until a few generations ago,” Viviane winced as a few bad memories tumbled to the surface of her mind. She shook it off.


                “Of course, Lillian Sedai,” Viviane said, responding to the command.


                Taking three deep breaths, Viviane tried to empty her mind. She had heard an Accepted talking about this exercise a few days before this lesson. She was glad for that. Her free time since then had been spent meditating. Viviane always had, what her mother called, ‘monkey mind.’ Viviane’s thoughts were often fleeting and jumping from topic to topic. Since practicing meditation, however, she was able to tame her thoughts much quicker.


                She sighed relief at the ease in which her mind cleared. She pictured the blossom of a rose. She was the bud. Every petal, every thorn. Viviane nodded, keeping her eyes closed to help maintain her concentration.


                Doing as Lillian Sedai commanded, Viviane actually felt the sun behind her.


                No. That must be the Source!


                It was glorious. Viviane could feel all of creation pulsing in that light! She had often wondered why everyone was so sure the Creator existed, but now she knew. This light could only come from something so grand and benevolent.


                Viviane opened herself to the Source and felt it’s rushing sweetness sweep through her. She let it fill her to the brim, savoring the way it felt. Nothing in life should feel this good, but there it was. The rosebud in her mind unfurled it’s petals and soaked up the sunlight. Viviane was very near to tears, this all felt so good!


                With an effort, Viviane let go of the Source. It took every ounce of her not to fall to her knees at the absence. Viviane’s eyes shot open, and she gasped, “Light! Is it like that everytime, Lillian Sedai?”

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“Excellent work. The reason we are practicing this technique is so you are able to call up saidar at all times. Many channellers use it to clear their minds and draw upon the source in the most chaotic of events.” Lillian said “it is beyond a simple novice exercise; many sisters use it for focus, and I can assure you repetition is not something you can put behind you when you’ve outgrown the white dress. The more you practice it the less daunted you will be. If you  do it so many times you feel crazy, then maybe you’ll be able to do it right."


“Now I want you to open up to the light. Once the sunlight immersed you, hold yourself there. Now, picture a cloud slowly covering the sun. As the light from the sun is diminished on the bud, so should your hold on the source. Push it away from you, while still maintaining contact. Behind the cloud the sun provides warmth; let the source just barely trickle into you. To pull it back into you fully again, imagine the cloud slowly drifting away from the sun, and the full light and heat back on the rosebud. Do not do that too quickly, as snapping it back can hurt."


After some time Lillian said, “alright, that was very well done.”

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                Viviane listened to Lillian Sedai go on. Gobbling up every bit of information, Viviane nodded enthusiastically. She was so happy to finally be moving on with her lessons. She had grown convinced that she would never even learn to touch the Source. Up until now, she spent all her time cleaning the Tower and being told about Saidar, not actually being shown how to utilize the thing.


                “Of course, Lillian Sedai,” Viviane answered before closing her eyes once more.


                Viviane cleared her mind, taking three deep breaths in, and chasing away every trace of thought. She was the rosebud again, and there was the Sun, waiting and shinning, just beyond reach. With an effort, Viviane remained clam. She focused on her breathing and on the Source.


                With a start, the Source rushed into Viviane. It’s sweet caresses filled her once more, making her feel as if there were nothing in the world but the Source and her. Doing as Lillian said, Viv pictured a giant, dark cloud. It worked its way across the sun, and Viviane felt the flow of power slow down to a trickle. It almost left her entirely. She had to bite her tongue to prevent a gasp from escaping her lips. Serenity was threatening to leave Viviane, but she held on with a death grip.


                The rose. She was the rose. The Source was still there, and she was still feeling it trickle into her. For a moment, Viviane was afraid that the figurative cloud would never leave. She feared she might have blocked herself off from the True Source. Remembering what Lillian Sedai said, Viviane pushed the cloud away with her thoughts. The Source returned in full force, filling Viviane once more.


                Light, but this feels too good.


                Reluctantly, Viviane let go of the True Source as Lillian Sedai praised her.


                “Thank you very much, Lillian Sedai. I really had no idea it was this simple to draw on the Source. I had always assumed there might be more ritual or actions involved. Oh, I am so happy, Lillian Sedai. Truly. Thank you.” Viviane said to her, curtsying once more.

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