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On 6/30/2018 at 3:18 PM, Oddpositions said:

posted. Merdyn isn't trying to overrule anyone btw. he's just overeager right now. as i said in the post, i'd rather skim to the farm and fetch a carriage, or everyone goes back. We can stay in one spot too tho, he'll just close the gateway once it's open if we do that. I really don't mind. @Cass i figured you could jump in at the Farm or if we took the damsels to Town, you could jump in there. Or perhaps coincidentally ride up on us if we stay put :D


On 6/30/2018 at 4:25 PM, Lih-Lyh said:

Got it, thanks Odd!


Hello Cass. "Come and play with us, for ever and ever and ever"




Couldn't resist the shining moment :laugh:




Heheh :laugh:


I'm following along with the thread, waiting for Emrin's chance. Not sure how far away you guys/the Town you were heading to is from the Band at present?


I think there would be more use for/opportunities to see a 'normal' medic in action either in Town or with the Band than the Farm, but there's an off chance that Emrin would've hitched a gateway to the Farm courtesy of the Alliance just for a look-see and would notice you all come back ... waiting to see where you guys end up/what's happening with the ladies. 


If I can't jump him fully in to this one, we could always just have them meet, leading into the start of an Alliance Healing Internship/Collaboration type thread/thing, where the channelers and non-channelers specifically visit each other to work together on medical understanding and healing? I think it would be interesting to look and learn about the same cases from different sides!

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Both of these work for me. Even if you jumped Emrin in the farm, I'd love to do a separate meeting either in town or with the band at this alliance healing internship thing :laugh: 

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I'm working on an Alliance-wide prompt that would lead well into some healing work... 


We can start the observation-collaboration work then ^.^

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