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Songs, Albums, and Media For Characters! (Beware, potential Spoilers!)

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I had a thought the other day and wanted to share with everyone: What songs, albums, or media could poetry characters, scenes, or other aspects of Wheel of Time?

I'll go first!


Damane: Freak on a Leash - Korn



Also for Damane: Pet - A Perfect Circle



Semirhage: Reptile - Nine Inch Nails



Lews Therin: Diary of a Mad Man



I'm sure I'll think of a few more, but I'd love to hear what everyone else is thinking!

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I was thinking about the use of music in any upcoming screen version of the series.


When the Aiel lift their veils I think some old school techno seems appropriate...maybe The Prodigy?

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What about for the Aiel I love You....I'll Kill You by Enigma. Zen Rand at Dragonmount must be Dumond's God Music Cosmic Gate Remix or Hemispheres by John OO Fleming and Solarstone.

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Has anyone heard of Blind Guardian? They are a power metal band, and have two songs about the Wheel of Time. One appropriately called "Wheel of time" and one called "Ride Into Obsession." I know that is not exactly what this thread is about, but they are pretty good songs.

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Here's another:


Graendal: You Give Love a Bad Name




I know I've been using a lot of the 80s Greatest Hits.  But sometimes, when it applies...


This is a more personal thought, but I always imagined what it must be like to embrace Saidar and if I were a man, how to seize Saidin.  These two songs always come to mind when I imagine it:


Embracing Saidar/Seizing Saidin: Parabol/Parabola by Tool off their Lateralus Album.  I felt the dual songs (While not equal in time) show an excellent audio example of what I would imagine the experience to be similar to.



Also, for Seizing Saidin: Through Fire And Flames - Dragonforce


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So I actually posted in a similar BT thread, but a couple by a band called Beast in Black make me think WoT.


They have one called Eternal Fire that lyrically sounds a lot like the One Power being referenced (and also mentioned rebirth and triumph, makes me think of Rand).


They also have one called Blood of a Lion about a King reclaiming their crown, which makes me think of the whole Elayne arc.


There is also a band called Neverland with a song called Voice Inside I think about Rand/LT.

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