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The only people who should be posting biographies on the main board are the RCL and ACL's or their appointed Bio Checkers.


Please do not post your own biography whether it's completed or not. Completed or updated bios should always be sent to the bio email Bios [at] dragonmount [dot] com and Staff will post for you. Returning members with no substantial bio updates can simply find their original in the archives and link it below.


WoT RP Members may reply to their own bio thread once it has been posted and/or CC'd.


  • All biographies not currently being used have been moved to the Bios (Inactive) board.


  • Active Bios remain on this board.


The Bios (Inactive) board is modded by the RCL and ACL's. If you think your bio is on the wrong board, please find your original and link it on this thread so Staff can move it.


General DM Members who may be looking for examples on how to write a bio can use these boards as a resource.

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