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Approved WT Bio for Ravenhild Tharne - CC Not Required/Admin CC


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Basic Information

DM Handle : Chaelca


Full names of WT characters you already own and their status: Myrrhi Morrigen - Active


Character Name: Ravenhild Tharne

Traditional or a Salidar character : Traditional

Age (Traditional = 14-19) : 14

Place of Birth/Raising : Cairhien


OP Score Breakdown


SBA: 31


Air: 6

Earth: 3

Fire: 7

Spirit: 5

Water: 8


Skill Score: 28




Hair : Red, long and curly

Eyes : Green 

Skin : Not pasty white... quite fair XD

Height : 1m 54

Voice : A bit coarse but still feminine

Other : Freckles, especially on the nose




Special Skills : She has a very good punch, and even if she's quite young she really enjoys spicy food. 

Knowledge Weakness : She only has followed lessons in a city school. There's so many things she doesn't know. 

Physical Weakness : Clumsy but strong. 

Personality weakness : Over energetic and very untidy. 




Ravenhild is still a child. She's young and has difficulties concentrating for a long time on the same topic. Despite being clumsy, she enjoys manual labour. Staying on a bench in a class is definitely not something she likes. She is quick to trust and even quicker to anger (even if she doesn't stay angry for long). 


She's extroverted, often sings to herself and will tell anyone who listens that she would have become a City Guard if she had been allowed to stay in Cairhien. 


Character History 


Ravenhild or Raven comes from Cairhien (city). Her father is a city guard. Her mother who was a healer died in child-birth when Raven was 5. Her father was devastated and never managed to overcome his grief. He didn't really take interest in Ravenhild's education and relied on Rynelda - the best friend of Ravenild's mother - for the upbringing of his only child. 


Ravenhild never really understood what happened to her father and forgot about her mother. She became a memory and a spirit to pray to. The girl spent a lot of time trying to impress her father. Very early she decided that she would become a city guard just like him and went on "secret missions" she invented for herself that led her to steal her father's gear or to spy on him during his training sessions. 


Rynelda tried to push Ravenild to take interest in other skills : baking, sewing, healing even, just like her mother but it never really took root. 


Besides her secret missions, Raven spend a lot of time in school - because she was forced to attend to her classes by Rynelda - and with her best friend, Carietta who happened to be a fellow orphan. Contrarily to Ravenhild, Carietta was very feminine even as very young girl. She was pretty interested in dresses, getting married and such... things Raven didn't really want to think about. Still the two girls got along pretty well. They often played to the Assassin and the City Guard, Carietta wanting to become an Assassin, and know as much about poison as it was possible to. 


Ravenhild was easily distracted in class, but always managed to answer to the questions asked by her teacher...even if it sometimes led to slaps to her ear. Her favourite lessons were the ones about history: they helped her escape in daydreams where she pictured herself as a warrior, or sometimes as a princess (now she would never admit such a thing to anyone). 


When one of Rynelda's children became sick, the family called for a healer. The one who answered the call was an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah who had been sent on a undercover mission. The Aes Sedai, Janine, couldn't resist the plea of Rynelda and agreed on helping her even if she had other duties to attend to. 


She took care of the poor child and cured him with a simple mix of herbs. But, before leaving Rynelda's small house, she noticed Ravenhild who had come to visit the little patient. Janine was surprised by how talkative and extroverted Raven was. The girl was happy to see a healer - just like her mother. She grabbed the Aes Sedai's hand and started asking her many questions about what it was to be a healer, whether or not she had had the chance to cure City Guards or soldiers. She wanted to know all about it. As the conversation went on, Janine felt enough in the young girl to want to test her. 


Since the Yellow was on a mission she couldn't really show herself as a Sister of the Yellow Ajah and test Raven on the spot. Instead, she sent word to her fellow Sisters asking for one of them to have a look at Ravenhild. It didn't take much time for a volunteer to introduce herself to Ravenild's father and perform the test. 


Because of Ravenhild's young age, her father was asked to accompany her to the Tower, which he refused. Rynelda having to stay with her children and husband couldn't make the trip either. And so it was Amalexia, the Sister who had tested Ravenhild (and her Warder) who made the trip at the girl's side. 


Ravenhild was not overly happy about having to go to the Tower. She didn't want to picture the older version of herself as a crone with a shawl, but at least it gave her the chance to see the world (and to tell interesting things to Carietta). She agreed on leaving her home but was pretty much convinced that this was a very big mistake ... that as soon as she would reach Tar Valon she would be sent back to her old life and her friend. 

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