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So.... I'm back ... sort of ... kind of ... I think so ... 


hmmm So decisive .... Okay, so I am trying to get back into the swing of writing again. I still have to toss a reply info to the sign in post (will do after this I guess) and will be posting to complete a long lost .... well not lost, just unfinished RP arc from the past. As I get warmed up I will pop around to see what else others have going on.


Oh ... probably help to mention my character is Corin Danveer for those wondering.  :)


Okay so  I'm lost ... I tried looking back on historical posts that carried with the board and the last WS skill post I can find was the WS14 ... odd, thought I had gotten closer to the 17 level ... so now I guess I need to see what the WS requirement are while I continue looking around for the rest of the WS postings ... Unless someone else knows where to look for the info. I know at one time it was separate form the board (or I thought it was) ... forgive, been a very long time so I could easily have that mixed up.

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