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Approved Returning WT Bio for Lavinya Morganen - CC Not Required


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DM Handle : KristenSedai

Character Name: Lavinya Morganen

Character Count: (For this RP Group) 1


One Power Score:

Air~5 Earth~1 Fire~2 Spirit~8 Water~5

Strength~23 Skill~30+3 Potency~53+3


Talent: Shielding 

Ajah: Gray

Age: Lavinya was signed into the novice book at age 16

Place of Birth: Bander Eban, Arad Doman


Physical Description 


Lavinya is quite short and slim, (approx 5′2″), with long, flame red curls, which she is quite vain about and constantly adjusts. She has deep brown eyes, sometimes bordering on black. Her skin, while coppery, is somewhat fairer than most of her countrymen, and is smooth and unblemished. Her lips are full and usually curved into a seductive pout, and her body has alluring curves in all the right places.


Character History


(pre White Tower): Lavinya is a Domani girl, daughter of Rohann and Carlina, quite well off merchants. From a young age she watched her mother as she strung men around her fingers, and her father’s ruthless bartering. The result is she sees men as simply tools in furthering her own agendas; she has become quite adept at her mother’s “Art”. Using her looks and charm to their best advantage, she often had a string of admirers, and was certainly not an innocent girl anymore by the time she was 16. She didn’t see the need for morals or propriety when there was gain to be made.


Lavinya had always determined that she should have been born a noble, always believing her talents were wasted as a mere merchants daughter. She had an ever increasing lust for power, and the more her parents tried to keep her in line, the more she rebelled. It was hardly a surprise that her parents sought to find her a suitable husband, before she had managed to sleep her way through all the men in the city. Upon being presented to her betrothed, Lavinya was furious. She would not tie herself to an ugly, exalted farm boy, and submit to him. She was destined for greater things! Throwing a temper tantrum, Lavinya stood firm and refused to marry the besotted young man, and found herself penniless and cast from home.


With no where to go, Lavinya wandered from tavern to tavern, town to town. Her skills at charming men kept her fed and sheltered, and even managed to gain her carriage between cities. There were always tales to be heard in the inns, and one caught her ears by chance and intrigued her. Aes Sedai. She didn’t know much about them, but the more she learnt, the more she knew she should become one. They were respected and powerful, and knelt to no overbearing husband. She would become the greatest of them all! Thus, she made her way to Tar Valon, and was entered into the novice books.



Novice: Lavinya worked hard at her studies. After all, she wasn’t so foolish as to imagine she could meet her potential without hard work. It helped that she was already well educated, but she had never imagined the load would be so great. Still, she tried to avoid trouble, as she learnt early on that rebellion was swiftly and harshly punished. And none punished her worse than Halvie Sedai. Having her clean the cess pits earned Halvie an enemy in Lavinya. Not only that, Lavinya managed to get into a fight with another novice, Gaiya, and tried to strangle her. Yet another enemy. Still, chores and scuffles weren’t uncommon, and in a few years time, Lavinya faced the arches and passed through to become Accepted.



Accepted: By the time she reached Accepted, Lavinya had begun to taste some of the power she craved. Her rank placed her high above the other novices, so she believed, and she became renown among the younger girls for being harsh and rather cruel. She enjoyed holding sway over them, setting them to do her chores and generally terrorizing them. Her accepted years also renewed her passion for flirting with young men. Rules were strict at the tower, but she managed to slip through them and meet with several of the young trainees, though of course she was punished for it. It was also the time she lost her heart to a man for the first time, a man bonded to an Aes Sedai. They had a brief affair, but it didn’t last long past her raising, given that he was bound by duty to his Aes Sedai, and could never truly be hers. Lavinya was 29 when she passed the test, and was raised to the Shawl.


Aes Sedai: Lavinya chose the Gray Ajah, and was welcomed amongst them. Early on in her training, they has spotted her superb manipulation skills and sought to turn her into a mediator, and with her keen wit and charm, she proved an asset to the Ajah. After her oaths, Lavinya was put on trial by her new sisters, forced to defend herself as they dredged up her past. Shocked that they would take her shawl from her after coming so far, Lavinya proved to them that she was worthy, and was welcomed into the fold. Finella Sedai took her under her wing, personally training her and taking her to distant lands, so she could learn first hand all she could about mediation.


Her lust for power and men never diminished, though she found life as Aes Sedai somewhat different to what she imagined. She was young, and was still generally treated no better than an Accepted by her sisters. Frustrated and angry, Lavinya continued to flout authority, earning her few friends. She cared nothing still for propriety, and indulged in several illicit affairs.


There was one however, that saw to use Lavinya’s ambition, and boost her in return. Sirayn Sedai took Lavinya into her secret order, the Order of the Rose. Lavinya jumped at the opportunity to earn a higher standing, and relished the tasks she was set. It was during this time that Lavinya met Corin Danveer, a young tower guard who captured her heart and unwittingly showed her just how lonely and empty she truly was. She fell for him completely, and for once did not seek to use him and discard him, but discovered a new vulnerability and warmth in herself, and a reason to live besides seeking power. He was her one true friend.


They indulged in a one night tryst, a magical night for Lavinya, who believed she had found her soulmate. Little did she know, but Corin was promised to none other than Sirayn Sedai, and did not intend to be bonded by Lavinya. Nor did he return her love. Broken hearted at the realisation, Lavinya slipped into a deep depression, and ran away from Corin and her foolishness by joining a delegation to the Black Tower. Things turned sour though, and they were met with a battle scene, and the Sisters who survived were taken captive - forcibly bonded by Asha’man.

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