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Aiden al'Ker, WS 14 > 15 (completed)


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Weapon Score 0 to 14: approval via bio.


Retro'd Tower Guard Ceremony (4 posts)

Big Shoes to Follow

Aiden goes through the Tower Guard ceremony and celebrates the achievement - this is a retro'd rp


Weapon Score 14 to 15

Ironic Accusations (8 posts)

Aiden finds his room ransacked and a trainee saw the perpetrator leaving and when Aiden confronts him, the man causes Aiden of being a darkfriend and a fight ensues resulting in Aiden killing the blademaster - rightly earning his own title of blademaster.

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The WS for completing the TG Ceremony is valid. The confusion is my fault, Mat, sorry. When I said you'd still get credit for the thread earlier, I was forgetting that I'd actually included it as part of moving you up to full rank when I approved the bio. So technically you'd already had credit for it.



Tower Guard Ceremony – 1 WS (Required)



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