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Approved Updated WT Bio for Returning Character - Saline Wastrel - CC Not Required


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Archived bio from last return, approved by Quisalas, can be found in the Bio Archives board HERE.
DM Handle: Lih-Lyh
Character Count: 2

Character NameSaline Wastrel
Age: 75
Nationality: Tarabon

Hair: Honey
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale
Height: Short
Other: Rosebud mouth

OP Score:
      Air 5
      Earth 7
      Fire 5
      Spirit 5
      Water 5
      Strength 29
      Skill 33 + 3
      Potency 62 + 3

Special Skills: gardening, fighting with scimitar (WS 5), ability to draw Spring (taught by Nerome, rather than void)
Knowledge Weakness: Relatively weak in Spirit, Water and Air but
stronger than most in Earth
Physical Weakness: A bit on the chubby side
Personality weakness: thinks highly of herself
Favorite drink: Peach brandy

Determined to prevent another breaking, loyal and protective of friends

Character History:

Although Saline was born to nobles, she soon left her family and sought to make her own way in the world as a young woman. She joined with a group of adventurers hunting for the Horn, but found nothing during her three year stay with them. Too proud to return home, she impulsively boarded a ship to Tar Valon and enrolled as a Novice.
Though it was unknown to Saline until later—Red Ajah head, Perine Caral, was the first to teach Salineseeing a possible guidance toward not only her first touch and basic controls over Saidar. Perine disappeared shortly after this, mysteriously. 
First Perine sparked an interest in Reds for Saline, then she met a Red Sister, Faile Sedai, on a chore helping ease a sick, gentled man David died while they watched. Faile Sedai taught her much of the Breaking and Saline was determined to help prevent another.
It was no surprise to anybody Saline chose to join Red Ajah when the time came.
As a young Red Sister, Saline started weapons training, endured years of forms and horseback riding taught by Gaidar Lyssa Simeon, not to mention survival trips in the wilderness which brought her into contact with Wolfkin.

Needing to see more of the world, Saline went adventuring. She was escorted by a failed Warder, Corwin, whose bond with his Green Sister, Eleanor, drove him near to madness at various violent encounters and escapes. Saline became fascinated by so-called madness of the mind and deviant behaviors, questioning the role of a Gaidin who had lived past his bonded Sister. During this time Saline also met an Ogier who helped her understand more about the Blight's effect in the Borderlands.
Having recently heard disturbing rumors from her eyes and ears, Saline returned to the Tower eager to get reacquainted with her sisters, old and new so they could prepare for the final battle together.
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