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Approved Warder Bio for Loraen Wen - CC'd by Alliance


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Character Name: Loraen Wen, also known simply as Raen
DM Handle: Dar’Jen Ab Owain
Age: 20
Place of Origin: Chachin, Kandor


(Admin Note: assigned WS=4)

Appearance: She stands 5’3 and weighs about 140 lbs. She has waist length, silky, black hair that she keeps in a pony tail tied off with a leather cord. Her right eye is dark brown. Her left eye is behind a patch. She wears loose breeches tucked into her boots and a fitted coat. Two loop earrings hang in each ear. There is a scar on her upper left arm and the left side of her torso from an arrow wound.

Personality: She is quiet and listens, only speaking when she has something worth saying. While she is suspicious of strangers, she judges others based on their treatment of her. Though friendly, it can take time to build a friendship with her. Once achieved, she is loyal. After a great deal of personal hardship, including the death of her father and fiancé, she is seeking a purpose in her life and once she has it, will throw herself fully into it. With the need to serve a greater purpose, she is determined to train as a Warder.

Brief History: Loraen, often going by simply Raen, was the youngest child of Jaym and Lindra Wen. Jaym was a merchant and member of the Kandori Merchants' Guild. Loraen's older siblings, Callas and Vaynen, both joined the Kandori army and the constant fight against the Blight. As a girl, she learned needlework and other such skills from her mother, along with a general education including mathematics, history, geography, and writing, as she was to learn the mercantile trade. Her parents wanted her to be as prepared as possible. However, after the death of her mother when she was nine, Jaym had Loraen accompany him on his journeys.

While he tried to maintain a sense of home while they travelled with his caravan, she was drawn to the adventure of the trips, often riding with the guards, and tending her own horse. The men were very protective of her, treating her as a Lady, always cleaning up their talk when she was around and telling her stories of their earlier journeys.

Most trips were uneventful. However, there was an attack on their caravan when she was 14. One of the guards helped manoeuvre her mount toward her father’s wagon, but arrows hurled at them and the guard was killed. Her mount was shot out from under her, other arrows grazed her face and her arm was pinned to her side as she was thrown. She was rendered unconscious, waking after the attack. The attackers were run off, but not before losing four of their own. Loraen recovered, but she lost the use of her left eye and it took time to regain proper movement in her left arm.

It was at this point that she began to wear a patch and also fell into a melancholy. Her father left her in Chachin with family friends for several months where her depression only worsened. Hoping to regain some level of normalcy in her life, he encouraged her to resume traveling with him again. The men welcomed her return, but she was self-conscious of her appearance and decreased vision. The men, however, did not treat her any differently than they had before, reacting normally to her presence. She started to take interest in riding again and in watching the men practice with their arms.

With her father’s approval, as he was pleased to see her coming out of her depression, she went through very basic sword practice and learned to use a bow. The men were patient with her, gently prodding her to improve, and complimenting her progress, making her want to do even better. A few times, she shot game as they travelled, and helped in preparing it for meals. She made herself at home on the caravan. When they arrived at their destinations, she would accompany her father to learn how to negotiate and strike business deals.

At 19, a young man named Nedrin Ondever joined the guards. He expressed an interest in Loraen and she, in turn, had been immediately drawn to him. As he was educated and came from a good family, her father encouraged the courtship. As her brothers had become soldiers and expressed no interest in the merchant trade, the plan had been for Nedrin and Loraen to wed and eventually assume the family trade.

However, on the last trip, disaster struck. Illness swept through their numbers. Jaym was the first to succumb. Loraen, who had tended to him and several of the guards, then fell ill. Nedrin, already ill himself, tended to her, but he died while she was still in a deep death-like sleep. When she woke, she helped to bury both her father and fiancé, as well as several of the guards.

The small party returned to Chachin. She ensured that the remaining guards were paid, and that the families of the deceased guards received their portions. For six months she remained in deep mourning, at a loss for what to do and how to go on. She was not drawn to continuing in the merchant trade on her own, especially without her father or the man she had loved.

She had heard stories of Tar Valon, of the Aes Sedai and their Warders. She did not see herself having any powers, but thought perhaps what few skills she had learned growing up on the caravan could be honed, and that she might have a future as a Warder. Determined to find a purpose in her life, she set off for Tar Valon, hoping that in service she could find a worthy cause to devote herself to.

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  • Cass changed the title to Approved Warder Bio for Loraen Wen - CC'd by Alliance

Thanks for that, Cass.


@Dar'Jen Ab Owain I've added you to the Warder usergroup and your assigned WS as a Tower Trainee is 4. You can find the White Tower and Warders main board HERE in the Tar Valon section. Your RGL is Kathleen. :smile: We have several active RP'ers with Warder characters at the moment so I'm sure one of them will be happy to sort out some RP's with you if you pop  up a post there. 


For further information, you can also find the Warder pages on our wikia HERE

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