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Do you have a tissue? *sneezes*


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Guest nephitess

IC: walking into the library Veria smelled the books. It was a comforting smell to her, the leather and knowledge. looking for a particuler book on the theology of the Age Lace and the Creator, she went to a level of the library that she had not been to before. The book number took her to a corner that look as if it had been abandoned. moving books, she unsettled some dust that tickled her nose. Sneezing she blew more into the air. the frount of her dress was becoming covered in the grim. Shaking her head in disgust she found her book.


As she glided down the stairs to the ground floor level, Veria decided she would get that set of shelves cleaned up. looking around where she knew novices hide from sight she found a target. Stepping over to the novice she taped the girl on the shoulder.


In a hushed tone Veria spoke


"My dear, i need your help with some tiding up. on the third floor you will find a corner with out a window. In that corner, there are many shelves with a think layer of dust. please see that those books are cleaned, page by page mind. after you are done, sort out the books that are in disrepair. we will be fixing them. find me when you are done. I'll be around the library studing."


After the girl indicated she understood, Veria went of to a secluded area and started to read her text.


OOC: OK darkfriend....go to it! :D

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Startling enough, Syrien had a free day today. No pre-assigned chores or classes on this lovely morn. It was a misty, foggy scene outside. Syrien loved dreary days, even more so since she began serving the Dark Lord. And while she would have preferred to go outside, she had plans to scout the Tower. Even after the couple of weeks she had lived here, Syrien became hopelessly loss while navigating the web of corridors.


Syrien’s roommates had kindly informed her that most Aes Sedai would not stop a novice that looked extremely busy. She used that tip quite well, striding along with a concentrating look on her face. While this act kept the witches from bothering her, the fast pace left Syrien even more confused. She hoped she could find her room again.


Peeking around two gigantic doors, she stumbled into the library. In awe she stood gaping at the huge room, bursting with books. This room had a sense of timelessness, which disturbed Syrien. She didn’t know why. Thoughts of how her life had changed since she had left Amadicia filled her head. She had time in her and so did the witches, even with their long lives. Everything should have a time.


Someone tapped her shoulder. Turning around, Syrien cursed her luck. The very moment she forgot to look preoccupied, the witches bounced. While the Accepted explained the chore, Syrien’s thoughts drifted back to being timeless. Her uneasiness must have shown on her face, because the Accepted looked at her strangely. Controlling her face, Syrien nodded, curtsied, and began searching for the corner the Accepted had described.


As Syrien cleaned the books “page by page” as the light cursed Accepted had commanded, she realized the old, moldy tomes might contain a mention of the Dark Lord. A wild grin stretched her mouth. She wiped the mold off quickly, scanning the pages for her master’s name. Nothing, all these books and not a word. Disappointment filled her. When would she learn more about her powerful, terrifying master? Running her grimy hands over her dress, Syrien went to find the Accepted. Her now gray dress, and dust streaked hair caught the disapproving eyes of the Aes Sedai.

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Guest nephitess

IC: seeing the novice coming back, Veria stood. The girl was disty form head to toe. Stiffling a giggle, Veria but on a disaproving look.


"novice you are full of dust! Go and clean up. Meet me here tommorow and we will rebind the books that are in disrepair."


The novice gave her a dirty look and curtised. Shaking her head, Veria wondered how this novice would make it through her trainig if she kept up such a ungraceful attitude. Putting it out of her mind, veria went back to her study of Theology.


the next day, around morning time....



awaiting her extra hands, veria placed all the supplies on a table. there was tape, scissors, and extra bits of leather and binding material. Looking at the clock, Veria found she had some extra minutes to read her text. she had a 30 page essay dues in two days and she needed the information to round out her thesis.


Fifteen minutes later,novice Syrien appreared.


"took you long enought to get her child. lets get to work. there are the supplies, and i will be intructing you on how to rebind these texts."


for the next 15 mintues veria explaned to her helper the persise way to rebind the decaying books. after the lesson, Veria let syrien do it on her own. as the books where finished, Veria took the liberty of putting a keeping weave on each book. Not knowing why it was not done before, she found it an small service for the sisters of the Brown.


OOC:ok, so i hope i was not to mean to you!! LOL, Veria is becomeing more strict and hopfully more sisterly. we'll see. my next post will have us reshelving the books, so just RP learning how to rebind and the effort you put into the chore.

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