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Sucked into a Scheme (Attn: Halvie)

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Ruffling through papers on her desk Serena rolled her eyes and looked out the window. The moonlight shone brightly and seemed to illuminate the snowflakes as they gently fell onto her balcony. The wind howled and pushed up against the glass panes. Sighing, the Blue Sister jotted down a few more words, poured some sand onto the parchment and blew it dry. There seemed to be so much information pouring in from her Eyes and Ears lately, it was hard to keep track of it all. Potential uprisings in Lugard, revolts in Tear, children refusing to join the ranks to fight the Shadow in Saldaea. Light, was she going to have to go back to the Borderlands to support the recruiting again? Why would one not want to help in pushing back the Shadow. It seeemed to her that the Blight was moving farther and farther South each year. How she would ever convince the Queen of it, though, she was unsure.


Smiling to herself at the thought of the Queen of Saldaea, Serena always thought of the woman as being as stubborn as a mule. Most likely, it would take a stubborn woman to be a Queen of a nation on the BlightBorder. Nodding, deciding that she would commend the woman for her duties, perhaps write her a letter commenting on how well she handled things in Saldaea, then perhaps add a few choice words about what she thought of recruiting for the Army. Yes, that might do.


As she schemed in her mind, Serena stood and wrapped her long tight-fitting blue coat around her. All of her work with her Eyes and Ears, and now this plotting, had made her hungry. A trip down to the kitchens was in order. Surely there would be some tea and perhaps a cookie or two to munch on. In addition to the food, the walk would do her good. Anything to get out of her rooms. Heading for the door, the Blue Sister caught site of herself in the mirror. Her short raven like hair would need to be cut again, soon. Tilted emerald eyes flashed mischieviously back at herself. Silently, she thanked the Creator for not blessing her with the 'bold' nose of her people.


Making her way down the corridors, Serena flicked her wrist and produced a dagger. One of five that she hid about her person. The gleam of silver from the blade reflected the candlelight from the stand lamps as she twirled the dagger between her fingers. Her soft leather boots made no sound at all as she made her way down the stairwells and ramps. If she had been wearing skirts, and not her blouse and breeches, their whisking might have been the only sound about her.


Just as she reached for the large wooden door, Serena felt the presance of another female channeller quite close by. This was not unusual in the Tower, for women were using the One Power all the time, however, she knew the woman had not been there previously. Perhaps, whoever it was, would speak to her first if they wished to have words with her. If not, well, than she would go on her merry way.



Serena Sedai

Blue Ajah

Bonded to Thera

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~'*'~ A harsh scenery cloaked in inky velvet was laid out for miles on all sides, pinpricks of light and the distinct slopes of buildings having rapidly drawn into obscurity by the early advancement of night. The final fading light of day splashed gilt across her sharp features though little material warmth could be said to be derived from it. A chilly breath touched with frost swept her tumbling red curls backwards, leaving the few parchments ruffling and scratching in its wake but apart from that, little else moved. Her perception of her worldly companions & respect for the dazzling political legerdemain of her sisters had shifted, unsurprisingly. Intrigues came thick and fast nowadays where stealth & discretion were ever employed. It made her wonder, frequently, as to what the incalculable mass of missives that arrived daily contained, and the kind of ripples or waves it might create should a slip be made. One erroneous misstep could easily break a pretty neck. Such was life in all its fragility yet such strength was to be found in some. Like the tender veins that formed a leaf; links easily extinguished by external forces but unhindered, throbbed fiercely with the fire of life.


~'*'~ Never under the Light would any find her freely admitting to having committed more than one faux pas in her short lifetime & only recently, had managed to chalk up her most severe blunder. The mere hint of the memory was capable of choking all other thoughts and it was with utmost trepidation that she moved planned her first moves in the dangerous dance of power; her first genuine venture in Daes Daemar. Enough disgrace encumbered her person and should her misfortunes have befallen a person of smaller intent and ambition in life, they would have long disintegrated to dust and ashes. Yet from another standpoint, a lesser person would never have found themselves caught in their own swirling emotions and succumbed to the urge to flaunt them all, in public no less. So much drama; it would be long before she could even consider recovering from it. Oh, but a moment of reprieve from such intense scrutiny!


~'*'~ There, just beyond the smooth marble bridges running parallel by each other, their long shadows cast upon its passers-by that appeared little more than brightly moving dots. Their immense dimensions drew the eye despite it been situated in the midst of many other architectural splendours, where every brick and stone had been lovingly placed by the renowned Ogier stonemasons. The sheer magnitude of engineering work that had gone into the construction of Tar Valon was on so grandiose a scale as to be intimidating. No other human could dream of imitating the work of such masters and any effort would prove a pale imitation. This was an island like no other, a fitting location for ultimate power wielders to reside.


~'*'~ She commanded a vastly altered view of the world beyond the window nowadays and despite its many advantages, Halvie suffered numerous moments of weaknesses when nostalgia hit her with all its inherent force. Everything seemed so much farther from her, ironically depicting her current situation. Casual relationships severed at the most convenient hour with careless abandonment until one fair evening did it dawn upon her that there was next to no one she could call an acquaintance now. On purpose did she publicly humiliate those once her kindred companions and the ever intense emotions that flitted across facades did not escape her observation. It had been too easy to be engrossed in maintaining an air of superiority over them and the effect it had on her to see them leaping as she once had was.... It was lamentable.


~'*'~ A decision was quickly made. All her sources had strengthened her suspicion regarding one particular sister and until now, she had hesitated to act. Yet time would only serve to wear down her fortitude; that she knew all too intimately. The element of surprised stood by herself but just how far would it serve to her advantage? The Blues were a conniving lot and she was ever around any of them but still... The innkeeper had been most helpful and unnecessary as it was, the lady had gained Halvie's gratitude. She would be suitably repaid. Now it all boiled down to her executing her part in the scheme. She left her quarters in a flurry of bronze skirts and a sharp bang of door.


~'*'~ Fire flickered on walls and the nightlife wailed their melody. She took the path less frequented by the Tower's inhabitants with a rapid pace, slowing only when she was but paces from her destination. Appropriate sentences had been formed, ready to spill from her lips. A dozen possible scenarios flitted across her mind once more, none really registering. What was she, a fool to contemplate such a move against this sister? She would pay dearly for this transgression... perhaps. A sharp knock officially announced her presence and it was with a steady composure that she greeted the woman who opened it. "Evening, Serena Sedai. May I enter?"



Halvie Sedai

Sister of the Battle Ajah

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