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Approved BT Bio for Rhys Endoraighan - CC'd by Admin


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DM Handle:  Phelix


Character Name: Rhys Endoraighan

Nationality: Far Madding

Age: 32

Physical Characteristics: 6’3”, long dark hair, dark brown eyes, a soft build


Physical Description: Rhys has lived a relatively soft life. While tall and well formed, he has not had to work for anything, nor has he learned any skill with weapons.


General Personality: Kind hearted, dedicated, generous. When forced into conflict, he digs his heels in and seeks what is right.

Strengths: He genuinely sees the best in people, but sometimes lets that fog his perceptions of them. He is perceptive and can intuit goals and plans from observation.

Flaws/Weaknesses: Rhys often sees his role as pleasing other people. First his mother, then his wife… now he’s not sure who he should please. The Asha’man? The M’hael?


Personal History: Rhys was born and raised in the Island city of Far Madding. His mother was a successful merchant with ambitions of joining the Council, and she eventually married Rhys to a young merchant who would bring the right support to put Cessarina Endoraighan onto the Council. Rhys and his new wife were relatively happy. He was provided for in every way, including a lapdog and as many clothes as he could want, and she had tied herself to a rising Councilor.


After some years together, Maddlyn decided that they would try to have a daughter. She did not wish to interrupt her trading, so she brought Rhys along with her on a trading mission to Tear, where she planned to build a relationship with some of the oil merchants, both fish and olive. The journey out of Far Madding was the first time Rhys had left the island in his three decades, and he felt ecstatic about it. Everything looked and felt more alive. His nights with Maddlyn were happy, passionate affairs, and he was sure that he had given her the daughter that she wanted.


When they arrived in Tear, he found himself with a lot of free time on his hands. Maddlyn was busy feeling out merchants, learning their strengths and weaknesses, deciding which she would partner with, and the rest of their company had no time to worry about a wealthy woman’s husband.


So, Rhys spent his days wandering the city, using his pocket money to pay for carriers to bear him from place to place. It wouldn’t do to get mud on his boots or the hems of his cloak and pants. One day, near noon, he had stopped for luncheon at an inn, and found a sort of spectacle inside. There were men in black coats, sitting at a table, and the rest of the inn’s patrons gave them a wide birth. They must be dangerous… yet, every so often, a man would go over to them and have a hushed conversation. At the end of the conversation, some walked away, head hanging, some looked sick to their stomachs, and others… others looked oddly triumphant.


After finishing his meal, Rhys walked over to the table full of black coated men and asked them what they were doing. Their answer was poetic nonsense about riding the thunder, but the man in command of the group caught Rhys’ eye, and suddenly there was a flame hovering between them. In that flame, Rhys felt something… an echo of himself. His heart yearned for the flame, and he almost reached out with his hands… and then he looked up. The leader wore a satisfied look on his face.


"You’re old for it, but you’ve passed the test. We can teach you to call lightnings, to ride the thunder, and to make the world bow before you. Will you come with us?”


"I’ll have to ask my wife, sir.” Rhy replied, causing all the men at the table to laugh.


"Go home and tell her that you can learn to channel the One Power, that you are one who will wield saidin… and I bet you that she’ll let you go, faster than a kingfisher at dawn.”


The man was right. Maddlyn threw him out of their inn that very night. Her last words were “I will tell people that you died, a victim of cutpurses and thugs. Do not return to Far Madding.”


And so, Rhys walked back to the other inn, trailing through the mud, and found the asha’man who had tested him. The asha’man laughed when he returned, but they took him in. Their humor and behavior was rougher than what Rhys was used to, but they had a camaraderie… something he’d never felt before.



- - - - - - - - - - - - 


OP Scores


SBP: 35


Skill: 29


Strength: 33

Air:         5     (cost: 5)

Earth:     7     (cost: 7)  

Fire:        8     (cost: 8)   

Water:    5     (cost 5)

Spirit:    8     (cost 10)

Total:    33    (cost 35)


Potency: 62


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