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Mashiara Sedai

DM News:Leigh Butler's Favorite Wheel of Time Moments

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Long time Wheel of Time commentator, Leigh Butler, has released her top five scenes within the series.  With a rekindled reading of The Wheel of Time currently underway at Tor.com, Leigh seems eager to get back on her soap box and sing the praises of this wonderful collection of books.


Warning!  Spoilers follow!



Top Moment No. 5: Verin’s undercover reveal (The Gathering Storm)

Top Moment No. 4: Egwene pwns the White Tower (Knife of Dreams/The Gathering Storm)

Top Moment No. 3: The Battle of the Two Rivers (The Shadow Rising)

Top Moment No. 2: Rand meets Elaida in Caemlyn (The Eye of the World)

Top Moment No. 1: Rand goes through the Wayback Ter’Angreal (The Shadow Rising)


In her full article, Leigh argues why each one is especially significant to the plot, the characters, and the entertainment of the readers.  Do you agree or disagree with Leigh's picks?  One of my personal favorites is when Mat finds out Tuon is really the Daughter of the Nine Moons (which didn't even make the list of honorable mentions).


Don't forget to check out Tor.com's Reading the Wheel of Time, which chronicles Kelsey Jefferson Barrett's initial journey into our beloved series.

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Frankly, I think Ms. Butler's choice of Significant moments is pretty good, but I'd think that if the parameters of the choice is significant character development, then you'd have to include the moment when Mat rode down the hill to save the Cairhenen and Tairens in Fires Of Heaven.  That was the moment when his true character came to be ( doing the right thing right while complaining about not wanting to ) and his mastery of the battlefield came to be recognized (Beyond what he did with Lan in the planning tent). IMHO, I feel that subsequent to that moment  he faced the most situations where he had to make a choice and  he consistently chose  to be selfless while at the same time reflecting on what an idiot he was for doing so.  It's what made him such a compelling and likable character.

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You could tell him, Lews Therin, could you but remember when you wore flesh.” He was looking at Rand.”


(esp. if you are talking about 'moment' in the stricter sense of a point-in-time where something particularly memorable happens, like a specific phrase or action)

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