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Ithillian Turambar

I want a garden and will pay with points.

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It's too grey and gloomy. I think I'd like a garden. Points will be given to my favourite offerings.


All flowers, furniture and decorations must be blue. Also if you're being really helpful, flowers will also be comfortable in a not very warm northern climate lol


As I really would like a garden.

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I can't  manage images except from my own photos here yet, but things I've grown in a zone 3-4 (cold winter, short growing season) garden that were blue and worth the effort to me included:


blue potatoes - prolific, easy to grow, fun for kids to dig up, replant themselves, and tasty


onions, chives, etc., all have blue flowers. Butterflies love onion family flowers.


irises - gorgeous and  grow well

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How about a lovely garden bench?




A little fountain?




A GARDEN GNOME!9725d8409fdbf8a471ecb2215ff221a3.jpg

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* tackles Cross* 


*takes the gnome*


* looks at it*


It´s not a pretty gnome. 


*gives it back* 



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So much blue. I want the bench and the gnome and the blue lights on the path. Also omg is that tree really that colour?


Thanks for the recommendations Cindy :) I'm gonna look them up!


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2 hours ago, Mrs. Cindy Gill said:

omg the autocraps on this site 


Now I am super curious! :laugh:

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