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Accuracy of Badali Dragon pins

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What do people think of the Ashaman pins from Badali jewelry? Does anyone own one?




Also, what do people think of the enameled versions? I don't have the books with me any longer and so can't check but I want to ensure they are accurate before I ever buy one. I'd always envisioned them as essentially enameled little versions of the dragon on the Dragonbanner - but these look rather different. Thoughts? Is a pin that looks like the dragonbanner available somewhere else? 

I do quite like their Dedicated pins - and I am really quite irked that every flipping ring in Wheel of Time is gold since I could afford their silver jewelry but, what's the point of having them if they aren't accurate?

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I saw these a long time ago in silver. RJ had a hand in green-lighting the design at least.  Personally I think the red enamel sets them off a little more over the plain gold-plated ones.  I've also seen then in silver but from another jeweler but can't remember which, or maybe this is the same but their copyright is 2013 so I doubt it.  I do remember they sold out fast.  These are a nice little memento for fans.

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I actually bought and wear a silver AS ring. I always wear silver jewelry so it was a plus, but actually, for cosplay, I took my ring and spraypainted it gold. It... was okay for a photoshoot, but the spray didn't last long. (when they came out with the cheap fake gold ones, I bought two, for cosplay reasons).


I actually think the Asha'man pins look awesome as is. Definitely get the red enameled version. But, this is from someone who hasn't personally bought those.

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Every design they released prior to Jordan's death was personally approved by him. Everything since then has been approved by his estate, which means Harriet. I've purchased several of their pieces over the years, both for my own use and as gifts, and have always been very pleased with the craftsmanship and quality. I tend to buy in person, not online, so I can't speak to the ordering experience. But all the Badali folks are super nice and very helpful.  

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