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2018 Winter Olympics

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Only two days to go! Yay!


This year the 23rd Winter Olympics is taking place in Pyeongchang in South Korea. The time zone is GMT +9. That means that I will have to wake up really early even on weekends if I want to see my favourite sports. :(




93 countries will contribute to 17 days of fun and sportsmanship. (Well, at least we can hope so. There are unfortunately always some cases of doping each time.) The contestants will compete in 15 disciplines: alpine, cross-country skiing, freestyle, Nordic combined, ski jumping, snowboarding, bobsleigh, skeleton, biathlon, curling, hockey and luge. 


I guess there are mostly three things that people talk about right now: 


* How many medals will my coutry win this year? Well, we´ll have to wait and see.

* What about all those Russians that aren´t allowed to start? It seems to be some strange decisions that have allowed or not allowed certain Russians to participate. Hope this Olympic Game will see less doping.

* So South and North Korea will walk in together in the opening ceremonie? Yes. And they will have a combined hockey team. 




I really look forward to cross-country skiing and biathlon but also alpine and curling. I will probably watch a hockey game or two as well and maybe some ice skating.  What are you going to watch? 



BT Olympics Game


This is a game that we did in 2014. I´ll just copy that post:


I know that not all of you are really interested in winter sports. I thought we could make a game to make it more interesting to follow the games. To enter the game you need to answer the following questions:


1. Where did the Olympics start once upon a time? 

2. When is the next Olympics and where will it be held? (The one after this year.)

3. What is the Paralympic Games? 


When you have sent me a PM with the answers you have signed up for our Olympics game. It´s simple. I randomly assign you two countries. The amont of points you will earn depends on how many medals your countries get. I will use last Winter Olympic´s medal table when I pick countries. Let´s say that 5 people sign up. I will then randomly assign them one country from 1 - 5 and one from 6 - 10. Then you just need to keep track of your countries.... No, actually you don´t need to do that. :D When the Olympics is over I will post this year´s medal table and then we will see who won. 





Cindy - Germany and France (+5)

Dar`Jen - Netherlands and Belarus

Basel - USA and Austria

Nikon - Switzerland and China

Talmanes - Canada and Poland

Nini - Norway and South Korea


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Since the Arena isn´t showing up in the Unread content list I chose to move the game here instead. Feel free to make any comments about the Olympics. And send me those answers to participate in the game. :)


Players so far:




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Basel is our fourth player. Can we get some more? 

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Nikon has joined the game! Yay! I will accept sign ins until tomorrow midnight. (CET)

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I got pinged.


Yeah I'll do this.  If I forget to submit anything by the time the ceremonies start could you possibly send me a PM?

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You are doing a good job finding players, Cindy. I think I will reward you 5 bonus points for that. 

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4 hours ago, Mrs. Cindy Gill said:

:blush: thank you


hope they don't mind being poked




30 minutes ago, Krakalakachkn said:

I'm going to see Slopestyle next Sunday ^.^


Yay, sorry I left you out of the pokes.


meant to hit last months roll call but time kept on slippin into um yeah

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4 hours ago, Mrs. Cindy Gill said:

Ok that's weird... I quoted @Basel Gill but it only showed the quote of mine he'd quoted.


i think navigating the new DM should be an Olympic sport :/


I think we would all lose in that sport. :(


4 hours ago, Krakalakachkn said:

The downhill ski/snowboard obstacle/jump course


It´s really fun to watch. 

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