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Welcome to the Black Tower, failemandarb!

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*stage whispers* Hey guys!  We got a new one!  Look alive!


Greetings!  (Gee, a familiar face :laugh: )


I guess I get to be the welcome committee today!  If the voices in your head have led you here, you're definitely destined to be one of us...  If you haven't heard the voices yet, well...have a few of these, they should help :biggrin:




Don't mind the red parts, they have extra-concentrated taintiness, it helps you hear the voices. *nods sagely*


So tell us about yourself!  Shall we call you Faile?  (Nobody will remember your real name so you might as well pick a good nickname based on your screen name :wink: )   What part of the world do you hail from?  Who is your favorite Asha'man?  And most importantly, are you averse to monkeys?  Because we have one lurking around here and I fear he may turn up waving his socks around any minute.



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Welcome, have a drink of this... It is concentrated Liquid Taint and goes great with the brownies!



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Well hello and greetings! I wasn't hearing voices until I saw those yay brownies!! You may call me Faile, but if the voices tell you to say something else, well I won't stop you! ;p I hail from the Black hills, I've lived a secluded life there, until I felt a call to get to the black tower and hopefully become an Asha'man! Hopefully one like Damer Flinn, if I'm lucky like Logain Ablar!! It's definitely too much of a stretch to be as great as the Dragon. But I am excited! And monkeys!? Jokes on you I have a whole family of monkeys with me right now! Thanks for accepting me into the Tower!! 

Wow that looks delicious that does!! I personally like to carry around my squishy stress ball full of taint! Here enjoy! 


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Welcome the Black Tower.


Hope you enjoy it here. It is very....interesting.


Thankfully there is a class coming up to learn all about The Black Tower and points and how to use them, and all sorts of fun and useful things.


If you have any questions, just ask. Folks are pretty helpful. Just be wary of what those voices say, especially when they argue with themselves.

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On 2/18/2018 at 2:57 PM, Ithillian Turambar said:

Welcome Faile. The BT offers you an expanse of Tainted brownies. 


But no pics from me as it's just too hard.

The voices in my head forgive you as I've also been too lazy to make tainted brownies, let alone send a pic of them. They tell me the laziness will pass. ;p

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On 2/24/2018 at 5:29 AM, Leyrann said:

Welcome Faile!


I'm gonna start confusing all the new faces.. Oh well.

That's ok, I'm confused all the time!! And thanks for the welcome!! I was sewing a leather bracelet and I could feel Androl breathing down my neck going your stitches are uneven! It's the little things that add up!! That was super confusing! Is Androl one of the voices now? This taint is crazy weird! ;p

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