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WT Bio for Carraidhin Glass - CC'd by Admin


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Basic Information

Your Handle : Arie

Full names of WT characters you already own and their status (active/retired/dead): Maegan Ryanne (Retired Red), Arie Ronshor (Retired/FL Green)

Contact email: ariescapes@gmail.com


Character Information

Name (first and last) of this character: Carraidhin Glass

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age of this character * (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 16

Name of country where this character is from: Cairhien



Hair: Long Auburn Hair

Eyes: Sea-Glass Green

Skin: Fairly Pale

Height: 5'3"

Voice: A little deeper than one of her size, but she speaks with clarity and detatchment.



Standing at 5'3", with bright sea green eyes and beautiful long auburn hair, Carra has less of a temper then one might expect of a fiery haired lass. Her body slim and well toned, she is quick and nimble on her feet and well versed in the art of disappearing. Her body is lithe and light, not so willow that makes her look weak but not so muscular that she looks threatening. Physically she would be best suited to dance and light movements, but her intentions hardly let her dabble in such an innocent hobby. She is rather light on her feet and her movement is next to silence.




Special Skills: Carraidhin has a playbook of poisons she's stolen from libraries, but also has had some street-training with daggers and stealth.

Knowledge Weakness: One Power, she is more likely to lean on her other skills before challenging herself with the one power.

Physical Weakness: She is fast, and athletic, but she isn't particularly strong due to her size. 

Personality weakness: She has many.



    At the heart of her personality, Carraidhin is true neutral. She does not favor law over good deeds, or dark deeds over good ones. In a sense it makes her self serving, but she does not act in order to gain personal wealth or power, but out of pleasure and of a deed completed- be it bad or good. Carra acts with a basic moral code, never vicious with intent but never truly trusting with kindness either. Emotionally Carra is conflicted, confused and at best stubborn that she is right even if she can’t explain why she is right in her actions or convictions. Carra no longer believes that love, true love, is real. Marriages are scams and only used for political game, power and to procreate. Even sexual deeds are done without any sense of love, but filled with lust and an idea of love. A glamour or illusion used to only heighten the pleasure and to leave one wanting.


On the other end of the scale, Carra didn’t really believe in hate, either. Like love, it was just what was used to gain power; killing was merely a contract carried out without any emotional attachment. Hate has become a new emotion for her, and she has difficulty controlling the emotion as it has anchored from her now lack of control life. Not that control was something she found a need in her life, but routine and predictability in the everyday was something she had depended on and now she has neither.


Unfamiliar parts of her personality, pieces that she is learning as her world goes from the usual into the darkness of crazy, is that she holds a level of sympathy, caring and even a desire for friendship. Not friendship in the typical long-time close childhood innocent friend sense but a confidant that she could trust.




    Born to a single woman who earned a living in artisan housing, Carraidhin was no stranger to sex. She was no stranger to murder, either, as the life of any whore was often short lived or long should she pick up a second profession. Carra's mother, an Andorian mix, was the best at what she did and often played the politics of the Cairhien courts until her inevitable demise when Carra was not yet a year old. It was rumored that her father was Cairhien high nobility and she was leverage against him. Fear of her life, another woman of the artisan house brought her to Tar Valon. Children of her kind are often treasured highly and Carra was rare to the Artisan House in Cairhien and well loved. However the rumors of whom this noble man was and his dislike of illegitimate heirs was enough to keep all the girl safe. So she was sent away.


Much of her growth was surrounded by a rather skewed sense of what love was. What was considered right and wrong was rarely explained to her and in the end it confused her to a point where her own lines of each are rather blurred. The world was very grey and so as she started to mature at a very young age her sense of purpose was different then most other children. Money had it’s own luxury but ultimately Carra wanted a place to feel not only safe but in control of herself. A whore’s life was dependent on the rules surrounding her role. Carra wanted better.


Carra didn’t lack the imagination of potential life paths, and had a certain moral ambiguity to not feel inclined to go a more... traditional path. She had a great deal of freedom as a youth and was part of various groups that ran around the safe streets of Tar Valon. She had a home, and orphans were few and far between, but that did not mean there wouldn’t be trouble from time to time by the youth too young to enter the Tower or Yard.


Most children of Tar Valon dream of the Tower. The Aes Sedai and Gaidin that serve and protect the city. There was a weird idolization that Carra found almost unnerving. Upon the year that she would need to be brought to the Tower for testing, Carra instead took with her food, provisions and a dull blade that would tear flesh at best and left her home to find someone to teach her the way of the Sword without running the risk of being tested. She feared that requirement of the Tower and would take great lengths to avoid it.


Cautioned to avoid Cairhien, Carra took the roads that lead into Andor. She had heard of their royal guard and her mother had been Andorian, or something akin to Andorian, and felt it wasn’t the worst place to start. But the Guards there merely laughed at the underfed and pitifully small girl that asked to join their ranks and sent her on her way. Carra spent about a year in Caemlyn before she moved on. Gang wars among the youth were growing too violent and without the emotional ties to any one in particular Carra didn’t want to be involved. So she picked the next logical direction; West.


It was along the road that she came across Aes Sedai and their Gaidin. It was clear to them that she was able to channel, not gifted like the wilders but clearly with the ability to learn. The Aes Sedai gave her only two choices. Return to Tar Valon to learn, or to be chased down until she was dragged back. Carra bemoaned her options and detested them both. It would seem she was meant to channel, and Carra was starting to doubt whether she had any choices at all. With no better option in mind, and knowing of rumors what happens to those that could channel and didn’t learn, Carra agreed to go to Tar Valon with the Aes Sedai. Perhaps they would teach her enough not to die and then teach her the sword.

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This is from a previous member. She has submitted this bio and another. She is considering making this one a full sister and the other a novice. 


Looking for advice on how to proceed with our aim to lower work for members and balance our standards on bio submission. 



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The bio looks fine to me. Arie has 2 characters already so she can absolutely have a third at full rank. The fact that they're retired makes no difference. You can consider it CC'd and if she wants to go ahead and make this one a Sister, then she'll be ready to RP. If there are any requirements attached to doing that, ( RPing Arches or something if I recall correctly?), it's entirely up to you whether you enforce that or relax the requirement. And of course if Arie wants to do it anyway she absolutely can.


As to the Novice, it depends what Arie would like to RP and what you're prepared to be flexible on. You could do like I did with a new BT member and give her X number of free passes to get out of any she doesn't fancy writing. Or you could say that the only actual requirement is the arrival and meeting the MoN then leave the rest up to character development through normal RPing. Whatever works for each person.


I don't see bio submission changing drastically. I'll allow a certain brevity but I still expect people to be sensible and adhere to the rules of their chosen group. Not an issue here anyway, Arie's bios are usually well up to standard. Does that help or do you need something more specific? 


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  • Moderator

I have no intention of .. playing the other two listed. I figured it may be needed if I did bump her up. 


I'm happy to provide the previous content that I wrote for her from Novice to Red Aes Sedai. :D (Though it is for... a Grey Tower...)


(And thank you for the compliments. It means a lot. *blush*)

Edited by Arie
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  • Moderator

Previous Content for Carra (for transfer): http://ariescapes.com/Scribbles/index.php?title=Carraidhin_Glaisne

(Though there is the obvious drop of ranks, grey tower, and the first of her Ajah. XD)

Sorry, it took me a bit to collect it all for public(ish) viewing.

Edited by Arie
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