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Inside Dilora's Wagon

Winter Mist

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Just thought I'd let everyone know I've drawn up a floor plan of how Dilora's wagon looks inside - purely for information, and because I was feeling creative.




Also, here is a list of items that Dilora has for sale in her wagon - if anyone is interested in RPing buying any for whatever reason, let me know :)


Item Quantity


Carved wooden mirror 1

Plain, but well-maintained harp 1

Wolf and leaf necklace 1

Red and black gem bracelet 1

Green gem bracelet 1

Handmade soap 35

Brandy, small keg 1

Tairen Red Wine, small keg 1

Ale, small keg 1

Leather belts, various designs 8

Pins and needles, small boxes of 15

Candied fruits and boiled sweets 20


Lion 4

Dog 2

Wolf 2

Cat 3

Small bird 3

Heron 1

Horse 3

Woman 2

Man 1

Fighting man 1

Flowers 4

Sachets of mixed herbs (cooking) 25

Sachets of healing herbs 15

Dried mushrooms (per lb) 10

Books (assorted titles) 9

Orange and clove pomanders 10

Carved wooden rose pomander 5

Ribbons of various colours and lengths 40

Dye, red, cask 1

Dye, green, cask 1

Honey in a stone jar 6

Tea, small sack of 1

Drawer of assorted cutlery 1


So you know what the lovely Dilora has on offer! :)

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Guest Arie Ronshor

That is very awesome, Lara! ^_^ Remind me later and I will throw all of it onto the webpage for you!! ;)

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I'm still feeling creative so external views will probably follow :) I have pictures of the wooden mirror, the necklace and the two bracelets if anyone is interested. Purely from an RP point of view -they're not really for sale ;)


And if anyone has anything they think would be good to sell, I'll set up an RP to buy or trade it :)

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