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WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

Mashiara Sedai

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Welcome one and all to the White Ajah Winter Olympics event!


This game is PICTIONARY, a game where you get to show off your drawing skills.  We need 3+ players to begin.



Player 1 is given a ice skating term/topic/person from ME.  They have 24 hours to draw a picture and post it here.  Drawings can be digital, or real (with pen/pencil/etc.).  A picture can be taken of a real drawing and it can be posted here.  If you need directions on how to do this, PM me.


As soon as Player 1 posts the picture, the other players are able to guess what the picture is.  Player 1 or myself can chime in and say yes or no to the guesses.  The Player who guesses correctly will be the next to draw.


As the game progresses, new players can join in at any time!  Just add your guess! 


Any questions?



1. Rhea - 1

2. Kukasö - 1

3. BFG - 2

4. Chaelca - 

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@BFG Good work!  You won that round.  I will PM you with your word and you have 24 hours to post your drawing  here.


A triple toe loop is a type of jump in figure skating.  A skater uses the toe pick of the opposite foot to help lift them off the ice.  They start the jump backwards, for a triple they need three rotations, then they land on the same foot.


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You got it, Rhea!


You won this round.  I'll PM you your word and you have 24 hours to post your picture.



A sit spin is one of the three basic spins in figure skating.  It's performed in a squat position, with less than 90 degrees between the skater's thigh and calf.  Adding it to a jump can make a flying sit spin.


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@Chaelca I'll add you to the roster.

The answer to Rhea's was Four Continents.  It's a skating competition focusing on... you guessed it... the four continents of Asia, Americas, Africa, and Oceania.  It was established in 1999, and the countries of China, Canada, United States, and Japan have won 225 out of the 228 medals awarded in that time.


It's Kukaso's turn to draw.  I'll PM you now and you have 24 hours to post your drawing!

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