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    • Maybe that was a mistake.     I think you're underestimating Pompeo. This is his show. Trump may be getting the credit but Pompeo is doing the work and he's not a guy I would want to cross. With that said even if you're right about that I think fake negotiations are better than actual war preparations.   We do this sort of thing routinely under various administrations.  Also how is this an example of the U.S. Being ignored?     Not an example of us being ignores. Also what do you want, endless war in the mideast? Should we just invade Turkey and get it over with?   Not an example etc etc. This isn't our business we need to stop being the world police.   Not an example etc etc   Not an example etc etc etc    I agree here. The Saudis are not our friends we should cut ties immediately.   Changing the goalposts.
    • Sounds a lot like Pizzagate. You're not one of those conspiracy theorists are you?
    • Perrin is shocked that there might be wolves at the beginning of the trip. Easter egg
    • My premise is if you reach out to the source, you touch it on the outside. But if you reach deep into yourself, in your depths is a doorway to the depths of the True Source.