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23 hours ago, Mashiara Sedai said:


Also, when I tested the notifications yesterday using a regular member account, I was getting notifications from three years ago!  If you click on the “load more threads” at the bottom of the stream content, you’ll get many more new posts.  Have you seen that option, Elgee?


I get that, Mashiara, but the issue is that it doesn't accurately tell me which threads I've read and which not. It either shows all read or all unread. I follow a massive amount of boards (most of necessity, some for pleasure). When the system still worked properly, I received over a 100 notifications of new posts/threads a day. This current system does not work for me.

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18 hours ago, Mashiara Sedai said:

@Elgee Have you tried resetting your notifications in the "Manage Followed Content" section?  You can access it from the drop down list when you click on your name in the top right corner.  From there, you can set your preferences to receive only one email a day for your notifications of single threads, or complete forums.  Again, it looks like it works for me, but I'm having trouble testing it from a member's perspective.




Change the settings for each thread and board??

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My understanding is that you can follow a thread (topic, is what this version calls it) and/or a board (forum, is what this version calls it).  ie: I can follow the White Ajah Quarters board and receive notifications of new posts, but I can also follow the Lean in 2018 thread and receive notifications of new replies.


So when you edit your “Manage Following Content” you can select topic and manage it so you only receive one email a day.  Then you can select forum and manage it so you only receive one email a day.


Would that help your issue?

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    • it was definitely happenstance,leigh butler's explanation is  pure conjecture.
    • Book one wasn't guaranteed any sequels when it came out, so it had to have an ending tha could pass for a stand-alone. When it sold well, sequels were green lit, and it became the first of a series.   Things changed with hindsight and Jordan changed as a writer and the story changed and grew more complicated.   and everyone leveled up, Rand and the forsaken.   you can construct meaning behind happenstance but I think it was mostly happenstance.
    • That theory actually makes a great deal of sense.   It doesn't explain why they created it in the first place though, as Jordan said it wasn't used for the purpose it was intended for. That said, I suppose it would have been very handy for Rand to have clean Saidin when he was starting out.    
      This made me think of a more literary question - should Jordan have killed off two of the chosen at the beginning of the series? It kind of undermined their status right from the start to die from an untrained farmer and a damaged plant creature. Might it have been better for Someshta to have wounded Balthamel and then Rand caught them by surprise by securing the Eye - then they retreat?    I think the ending would still have been fairly dramatic and it wouldn't really change anything about the long term arc of the series (neither character really needed to be doing anything for the next few books, they could just carry out some schemes off screen, finding artefacts etc. until they get better bodies) - but it may have built more tension to avoid the death of any of the Chosen until book 3.   Thoughts?    
    • I'll do my best to start the game on Monday. The setup is done.   I'll be doing role pms from my phone so its gonna be fairly simple. =)
    •     @Cross  Well you were a pretty amazing mentee, so I guess we did good