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    • Isam is the hunter hence why Perrin mostly sees slayer is Isam form.  I think Slayer thought something like Isam mostly thinks about hunting so Luc is more of the having to deal with people form.
    • Am I missing something here?   She wanted to hide Rand but the idea seems stupid.   I mean how long was she going to keep him there for? Wouldn’t the guard (Changu) have asked why he was there after what I would assume to be a long time to avoid the Amyrlin Seat?
    • Even more was stuffed through his pockets.
    • Yes, we meet every other Thursday.  The first half of the meeting is devoted to three speeches and onstage evaluations.  We all evaluate each speech on paper right after it--where you did well and where you can improve.  Then we have three on-stage evaluations.  Then, the second half is Table Topics, where a "Table Topics Master" onstage gives out random questions and if you're called up you're supposed to give a one to two minute speech about it.  Then a Table Topics evaluator comes up and talks about each speech.  My questions this time were all very specific fairy tales Thursday because of Valentines and because no one answering was a beginner.  My questions would have been much softer had I been asking inexperienced beginners.  But it was talking mirrors and Alexa, fairy godmothers and handbags, glass slippers and Facebook profiles, and more.  It can be very weird what you can think of up there once you aren't scared anymore.  

      I joined the club January 2015 and it's one of my favorite things ever now.  Everything is fun once you aren't frozen--giving a good prepared speech, giving an answer that you think of while you're talking, always improving.  You find yourself talking about things that come up out of nowhere.  And it can be highly entertaining what you think of.