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    • 1.) I'm advocating for uniform ballot templates which are easy to read, informative, and tracable.   2.) No, see above.    For example; whatever your method - filling in dots, or connecting lines, or whatever - of ballots can lead to cofusion.    The easiest interface would be a digital touch screen which "builds" the ballot response for you, then prints out a unqiuely signed copied which is then scanned in by the vote-tabular machines.   In the case of absentee ballots, a blank form (with unqiueness) would be mailed and scanned on return.   Simple, uniform template. Everyone votes the same.
    • _ H O P P _ N G / _ _ R E _ O O _      No A, S, T
    • Florida ballots today are no different then ballots in other states. By the way in Florida every county gets to design their own ballots, basicly because every county has different races and different propositions. Again, many states have the same system of allowing counties to design their own ballots.   The different styles of ballots is a function of the Constitutional division of powers which allows states to run their own elections with a few limits to insure constitutional minimums. Its a function of Federalism. Also it's not unique to the US. other Federal systems such as Germanys also have the same feature.         "so is the system that allows (doesn't do anything to prevent) passive non-voting.   Ehat are you suggesting mandatory voting on all races?     
    • I mean, I'm pretty sure I said I thought Socio seemed off from the very start. At first, I'll admit my read made pretty much no sense, but it ironically led to Socio actually looking suspect. That was an interesting conversation D1.