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    •   That's because you are all conditioned to think any discussion of race or ethnicity is supremacist if it isn't positive.   Really? I'm not so sure...   John Jay in Federalist #2 wrote:   True, although it must be said despite all of that they did consider crowning George Washington king so I have to wonder how devoted they really were to these ideas.   Maybe.   It's curious that my example of the preamble is considered fallacious in part because it's not actually a document which dictates how our nation should be ran and then you turn around and cite the Declaration of Independence. I realize you weren't the one who said that but I'm presuming you agree and I think that makes no sense.
      As for the rest of the Constitution.  I'm curious which part you think contradicts what I've said. Before you cite amendments consider they were not part of the original document and that I am speaking, essentially, to different versions of America.
    • I don't know what to tell you. You are wrong and I don't really have the inclination to do more than say so. If you want to see what a By Any Means Necessary attitude really looks like, why don't you look into the group which has adopted the phrase as their name?   When you're done come back here and ask me how many times I've been arrested or how many riots I've participated in. I'll be waiting.
    • Technically a meme but I think it's most appropriate here. Also spoilered for language.    
    •   Exactly.     I thought that it was funny, not so "manly."
    • I certainly wouldn't giggle like that.