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Check In - NEW DM Role Call

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Down  a long winding path colourful wagons line the dirt road wrapping far past the bend. Music can be heard, tune upon tune, for miles. The leading wagon rolls to a gentle stop and the Mahdi of this band of Tinkers steps out. Taking a satisfying look round at the new surroundings she straightens some loose parts and starts setting up  a new camp. The view is different here, but the heart of the Tinkers will not be. Soon these horizons will be familiar to all. We just need to set our Wagons up again, light our campfires again and ensure that everyone made it smooth through our long march. 



Welcome back friends! Please post in this thread to let me know you have made it home to our campfires and have a look around and make sure you still have access to all of the boards here that you had before. If you find you are unable to view or post in any boards please post in this thread to let me know and I will fix things up for you as soon as I can. 


I would also like to this time to inquire if we have anyone wishing to join our staff team here as the Hobbies Wagon leader. We welcome anyone, new or settled, to help out and get involved. We would love to hear new ideas and would really love to see this place hopping again. 

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