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[Green Ajah Warrior Event] Personal Heroes


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One of my personal heroes is Zemi Yenus. She is from Ethiopia. She spent some time in the United States. Upon her return to Ethiopia, she discovered that many girls were in commercial sex to support themselves.


Her words:


"I saw many unemployed young girls engaged in commercial sex. Poverty could be witnessed in every nook and cranny of the country. I made up my mind to contribute my share for my fellow citizens. I sought after to rescue them from the trouble they were in by coming up with some kind of solution, particularly for young girls.

As a result, I reached a decision to get back home once and for all. On my return home, I opened the first Beauty and Modelling School in the country. My school was the first licensed professional beauty and modelling school. I was eager to teach many unemployed women and men how to do hair, make-up and skin care. Then my dream become a reality.

I was able to train more than six thousand young women and men in the profession including disadvantaged women and young people. In collaboration with non-governmental organizations, I have also taught many young girls free of charge. The exciting thing is that most of them have managed to own business of their own."

Later, she gave birth to a son with autism. She started the first center for autism in Ethiopia.

I was fortunate enough to meet her.

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My personal hero is my daughter. She has lived all her life with debilitating anxiety. Most of her childhood, she was unable to attend a physical school, and was either homeschooled or online. As an adult, I have watched her overcome her anxiety and get a job, and be out there in the world that causes her so much stress. She's a fabulous mother as well - just another reason I admire her. 

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