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We don't deserve dogs

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11 hours ago, CUBAREY said:


You instead wrote how many paragraph response to such a casual comment?

Again, mountain out of a mole hill."


I wrote a few paragraphs showing the historical reality and it's underlying economic rationale.


"What spurned your asshole to shitpost today? "


I happened to read the boards today and so responded.


"PS: I fixed your barely literate quotes with the correct spelling, that you're obviously to lazy, and technologically impaired to figure out on your own."


You definitely how signs of Hobgoblin disease!



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16 hours ago, SinisterDeath said:



Hmm, is not your post an Answer? 

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On 5/21/2019 at 3:17 PM, SinisterDeath said:

Isn't your reply an answer?

As they say it takes one to know one!

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