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The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

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Welcome to November! When someone mentions Plato, or Aristotle, or Socrates do you think to yourself "Morons"?


Now is your chance to prove yourself in the ultimate battle of wits. You will pit yourself in mortal battle against your opponents. In order to win you must be clever enough to decipher what they will do. The contest will be........




No Lizard, No Spock. We are old school, hence the 8-bit graphics

I am looking for a minimum of 8 brave souls looking to prove themselves in this most devious contest. You can sign up here in this thread. We will get started in about a week or when we have a full roster. (If there are more brave souls the field can be expanded)

The contestants will be sorted into a tournament bracket system. There may be some first round byes which will be determined by Random.ORG
You will face off against your given opponent.
Each 24 hour round will take place concurrently.
You may claim any action you wish in the thread. Lie about what you intend to do. Psyching your opponent is totally allowed and good humoured banter is encouraged.
Your official choice will be sent to me via PM. You may change your mind as you wish right up to the deadline which will be 12:00 Noon GMT( 7:00 AM Eastern)
I will announce the results or each round and the next set of pairings as soon as possible but no later than 1:00 pm GMT.
In the event of a tie I will notify the parties they must shoot again ASAP until a winner for that round is determined.

Participants are encouraged to add this siggy to their rotations.

There will also be siggys for the winner (and not winners)

1. Millon
2. Verb
3. DJ
4. James B.
5. Rhea
6. Adella
7. Shad
8. Oscar 
9. Ithi





All right. What are you going to do? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both show, and find out who is right... and who is dead.

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You are in Mills. Good Luck to you sir!





Sidenote: This thread will earn participation credit for anyone that needs to participate in a Me'A thingy.

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Welcome to the game Oscar. 


That gives us the minimum number of 8. Due to encouragingly good response I will be leaving the sign up open for a little longer to see if we can get the field up to 16. That would be sweet  :cool:  



Also to allow any aspies that need a credit  to join in. 




Edited by Turin Turambar

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Hi Ithi :wub:



Well I guess it is confirmed we need more people. 


Hopefully can get to 16 for a full bracket. Or at least to 12 so I can get bribed for byes  :baalzamon: 



bribes won't work. the little god of random will determine positions. 


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It's just nice to be able to play a game! I feel I may have come to this battle unarmed though lol


I think it would be very difficult to win Rock Paper Scissors with no arms.

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