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The Warders are pleased to announce...

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Wait, the Warders are announcing something?


Hold up, hold up, hold up!


Come again? Yes, you’re darn tootin right!


*watches as Aiel Heart leads Turin in and a grin*


I honestly don’t know what a Turambar is and should really investigate it; but that issue aside, Turn is a fantastic member of the Guild and is well-respected. For good reason, too! He is a steady voice and a reliable leader.


For those who don’t know, Turin is a member of the Me’Aneneneneme.


*Aiel Heart comes up, punches Eddie, and whispers furiously in his ear*


Ahem. Pardon me. Me’Arearth.


I truly wish there were more Me’A around, but I know the rest of the Warders will be please to hear this:


Congrats to Turin on being appointed to the Me’Arearth Disc Lieutenant!!!


We’ve discussed it before, as he has been a guiding member to Aspirants inquiring about his Disc. I’m glad he asked to step up into this role and hope that he can guide more members to *his* Discipline.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am honoured to become the leader of those that follow the Me'A discipline. I will strive to here for all current and future members.


Thanks Ed,


Thank you Rhea.


Thank you Ithi :wub:


Thanks DJ. Get ready for the greatest Battle of wits ever. Muahahahah


Thanks Ryrin. Nice sword.


Thank you Tress.*salute

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Congrats Turin and the Warders!


Love that there's someone at the helm of the Me'A again!

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Congratulations, Turin. I'm curious what your privileges and responsibilities will entail, in your own words.

Thank James. 


Privileges: To serve and help The Me'A be all that we as a group wish us to be. I will be in charge of Me'A activities. Helping the Warders in general and trying to make the Me'A boards and threads on the Warder boards as inviting as possible.


Responsibilities: I assume at some point I will gain access to the WT staff board and then I will probably have some paperwork to do. Why is there always paperwork. We are warders not a committee. I will also assist in modding the Me'A threads which will be a task since Verb is a Me'A. Nothing is ever easy. 


That is a bit of a cheeky reply but I will basically be here to help make the Warders a fun and exciting (and hopefully educational) place to spend some of our all too short free time.



If you have any specific questions, I will be available to discuss via PM at any time. I may not always reply immediately but I try to be good about not taking too long. 

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Congratulations, and thank you very much for stepping up, Turin!  I'm pretty sure you'll be awesome at the job *grins*


Oh and btw, I think this is one of the few staff jobs that doesn't actually have paperwork. Much.

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