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Hey guys !


It has come to our ears that some of you would be interested in workshops (about art, writing, craft, etc.). So, this thread will serve as a wish list for the future students and teachers :biggrin:



Some questions for you :


For the ones who'd like to learn things

> What are the topics you'd like to learn?

> How long should the class last?


For the ones who'd like to teach

> What would you like to share with us?

> How long do you think you'll need for the workshop you are thinking about?







As for me, I have two classes to offer :

> a 12 lessons class about visual composition (that i made for another WOT forum)

> a 6 lessons class about designing your own coat of arms

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I'd love to do a visual composition course!  I'd love to do anything that deals with art style, painting, photo manipulation, etc.



I'd also love to teach something, but I'd need to brainstorm what I could talk about....

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Art style .... mmmh definitely "art nouveau" for me !

I am very bad at it lol


And i'd love to manage to draw things like these <3



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anything in particular about art style? that can be a pretty broad topic.

I think just the basics. Symmetry in artwork, how to chose colors that work together, different uses for different paint brushes. Anything at all because I have zero knowledge on the subject. My last art class was in junior high—20 years ago.

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I am learning Photoshop and video editing and various steps in filmmaking. I would be interested if someone does a workshop on that.


Elements of art sounds fun. How to choose colours, how to make things out of basic stuff, etc.

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Ooh ooh ooh!! If there's a chance to be part of a writers' workshop, then sign me up!!!  I've been dreaming of coming back to one...

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    • Hey everyone. This is my first post and I figured this would be a good place to start. I've been chewing on this thread for well over a week, and as I am towards the end of book 5 in my first reread, I have a few things that I would potentially change.  These 3 things I feel are connected to some extent.    I should probably mention that I will probably not articulate this nearly as well here as I have in my head over the last week, but I will try.   1. Logain    Ever since we meet him in the Tower after being gentled and Min had her viewing of him, I was rooting really hard for him to have a major part or impact in the story. So obviously it follows that I was pretty disappointed in what became of him. I think he was severely underdeveloped and had so much potential .Maybe having him be the one to defeat Taim during the Last Battle. I really dont think his fulfillment of Min's viewing in AMoL fits with her description in FoH ( glory above all men). He does get a bit of redemption with his actions at the end.   2. A powerful male channeler as a sidekick to Rand   I understand that Mat and Perrin kind of fill this role( and maybe even Nynaeve to a certain extent) but I always wished Rand had a sidekick that he could confide in and share his experiences with.   This is where I think points 1 and 3 tie in.   3. One of the Forsaken flipping   In the first few books, its somewhat of a common theme that "No one is so lost that he cannot be brought to the Light" or some several iterations of that.  Naturally, Asmodean was a prime candidate for that.  I think Lanfear and Moridin were as well, but to a lesser extent and for different reasons.   It seemed like Jordan was leading towards Asmodean having a much bigger role before his thread was cut.   With the emphasis on redemption early on in the series, I think this would have been a great avenue to explore in regards to the Forsaken.   Even if Asmodean didnt survive until the end, I think having him eventually flip and maybe dying doing something heroic to save Rands' life or of Rands' companions would have had a nice touch. Having a former Forsaken at Rands side doing battle would have been epic.     To be fair, I am happy with WoT how it is and I dont necessarily think that these suggestions would make the series better.   They could very well break it for all I know.  These are are just things I remember wishing and hoping for when I first read through the series.    
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