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White Ajah's Middle Earth Event: GIF wars


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The lands of Middle Earth are vast and the kingdoms varied, many a battle have been fought on these lands. Blood spilt and men rallied against the evils of the Orcs. Some epic, some made into song and rhyme. Though the minds of men became clouded, and the greatest battle of Middle Earth forgotten. 


No longer. 



Here it will be fought again. Kingdom against Kingdom with only one to be victor and rule the land of Middle Earth and obtain the Ring. 



How may it be fought you ask? Simple. By use of the mighty weapon known as the GIF! 



Sign up here by posting and declaring your intent to do battle, you will then be divided into two kingdoms (teams). I will lobby the first round and from there it is the chaos of battle!! one by one I will eliminate combatants until only one remains.


the RULES: 

1. ONLY Gifs may be used to attack. 

2. say WHO you attacked specifically in your post. simply say their name before you wreak the havoc of your Gif upon them. 

3. once you've been eliminated you may comment and root on your kingdom as one of the dead but you may NOT post any more Gifs. 



so how's it work?  Well let's say i  called out........oh....



(then i attack like so) 





to counter Dar'Jen would reply with 







and so the battle rages until i declare one defeated.

Reasons for defeat: 

1. you may give up in which case i will give you a send off

2. i declare your opponents Gif a superior attack and you're eliminated

3. you failed to declare who you attack

4. you fail to respond to an attack. 




also reaction gifs are welcome during battle but NO more than two gifs per attack post please. 



and remember i am the sole arbitrator of battlefield justice! do not provoke the wrath of the Wraiths. 




Any questions? feel free to ask while the sign up is going on. and speaking of....let the sign up commence! 

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alright since our armies are thin, we'll change it up. 




Mashiara, and any who feel brave enough. stand your ground and defeat me! counter my attacks with Gifs, survive the battle! recruit friends and allies if you dare









and the first throws of war have been thrown! Mashiara! POOL NOODLE ATTACK!



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