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    •   Oh, I'm up.     Now I'm REALLY up.     Shush, you. Let the boy follow his dreams.      I got nothin'.      Ima photoshop a headshot onto JG's pic. That should bury the needle. 
    • Here’s where I’m at   Nini   pretty much
    • I figured this game would be off to a lot hotter of a start tbh
    • "And im sure China would be 100% ok with that and definitly not plunge us into a war with the East, making us the aggressor. /s"   You mistake what I am saying. Obviously China would not be okay with the Using nuking North Korea. However that is far different from saying that they would retaliate by attacking the US, Japan or South Korea and thus effectively starting world war 3.  A far more likely scenerio is that if the North Koreans continue on their present course  China may decide to pre-empt US action by sanctioning an internal Que de Gras in North Korea or bombing them themselves.
    • Obviously many fans care. Okay I can see your snarky comeback that they are not intelligent. However the NFL also cares and their concern is both intelligent and logical. It's based on players suing the NFL stage to make politcal statements that are offensive to many fans and that is costing them money.   Further, you may not think that objecting to someone disrespecting the American national antheme is no big deal. You have the right to say so. However, that you hold that opinion does not make people with the reverse opinion unitelligent or irrational.   "What is arena ball? Like minor league?"   Arena Football is a vareint of Football played within an arena using modifeied rules and a shorter field. It's not an minor league, but is in my opinion an inferior form of football (little defense and a lot more scoring almost exclusively through the use of pass plays).     "This really seems to be a you problem. I dont see anything disrespectful about kneeling. All they did was pay respect in a different way to call attention to it. Its about as disrespectful as when I refused to say the pledge of allegiance that was "mandatory" in high school, I.E. Its not."   The intent of the players kneeling was to show that the antheme is not worth respect. Kneeling and standing can and do have several meanings but kneeling when the common tradition is to stand as a sign of respect, as  a way to protest American practices or laws if by intent to be disrespectful.     That their is not immidiate direct damage by kneeling does not mean that finding it offensive and making your feelings known is unintelligent or irrational. At the minimum such conduct frays the civic fabric and increases the inability to speak respectfully about differing views.       "I will note that, given the shape and direction of the culture today, the secular progressive left has come to dominate if not win the market in general.   Post-2016 - since we are a captialist nation, after all - however, more media and entertainment outlets are paying more attention to middle-class white men because, apparently, their egos need to be messaged, or something"   I think the "something" is that you have over estimated the power of the secular progressive left and the fact that more media and entertainment outlets are paying more attention to middle-class white men is an acknowledgement that they still hold a rather large amount of power and influence and the media and entertainment outlets are aware that not paying attention to them inflicts rather large economic harm.   I think that the media and certain entertainment outlets are paying attention to white middle class is an indication that the Pendulum as at the very least began to swing the other way against the interests of the secular progressive left.