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    • In my spare time I game a lot but the funnest thing I do is Viking Reenactment. I am new to reenactment and have a small kit with Mail shirt helm and rounded edge sword
    • Ooh, I didn't choose Que sera by Ace of Bace there, well here that by them and something by them (I guess hits I've never gonna say I'm sorry, and Beautiful Life  
    • Listening this day something earlier, choice happened on Ace of Base. I'll put three. (I still haven't found out whether palla päron means peel pears or filch pears; or I've looked and forgotten) I understand the last was originally as a demo Lucky Luke. I sort of wish that was still, but I hear it so!  Though one can hear it as Luck in Love, which serves the same purpose.
    • When you live in diaspora and aren't allowed to acquire land or social status for hundreds of years, your society tends to place a high value on education.  There's also a big difference between over-represented and "most."  There are over 10 million people in Los Angeles County; Nolder might wanna check himself before he says something irreparable.