WT/BT - Aes Sedai Elimination Game

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Forgot about this because I was busy theorizing about the three new chapters of the third book of Stormlight Archive that were released today.

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    • To PREFACE: I did this simply because I had the curiosity and time to do so. I wanted to know how the DM OP scores would compare to WoT canon, so I tried figuring it out.   Also, I felt like doing this in case DM ever decided to go with canon WoT OP scores, which I think would be cool, but seems a bit complicated. Maybe I'm doing it too simplistically.  But, I sort of wanted to be ahead of the game, in case someone wanted the work done.   Ultimately, I really wanted to answer the question, "What would DM AS scores be on RJ's canon scale?"   So, I began by copying the table of the DM Aes Sedai OP scores. I then arranged it by strength, figuring out that there is a range of 13 strength levels (or categories) that Player Characters fall under per the WT rule of "Females [receive a strength score] from 22-34".   Unfortunately I came upon a part where I can't seem to figure out any more, so I'm posting what I hashed out in a Notepad on my computer. Feel free to leave a comment if anyone wishes. I can now see why Jordan had to go into + (positive) scoring... I went into - (negative) high scores, myself.       Feel free to correct anything potentially wrong or misinformed.
    • Dice quickly throws a dagger at Cairos (whens the last time I lost a Joust boofhead??"   Dice finally manages to pull Bunyan away from the baby Trolloc. Suddenly he feels Bunyan stiffen, then he starts to strut....  "what are you..." then Dice sees Chae   or more her mount       he looks at bunyan "Oh NO!!  dont tell me!!" Bunyan struts again   FACEPALM   Dice jumps off and gets in front of his horse   "What ARE YOU THINKING!!!!!???" he screams "thats the competition!! oh cmon!! its wearing PINK RIBBONS for crying out loud!!!   You DO remember Ebou Dar dont you?? COME ON!!! snap OUT of it!"   Dice slaps Bunyan and gets a death glare and a snort    "you awake now? Can we do this??" Bunyan turns grudgingly towards the lists. Dice quickly remounts muttering about bloody pink ribbons and the fact that women really WILL talk about ANYTHING!!!!!!       pulling into the lists Dice yells to Chae "Cmon Archer girl! youve run your mouth now its time to pay the gleeman!! Lets see if your Harry Potter Knowledge is as good as you think it is! You may begin!"       LETS JOUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I am pretty sure statistically speaking children in private schools test better than children in public schools.
    • Teachers would be much better paid if the only teachers were teaching at private schools. 
    • Education can work however we want it to work. think that the people coming out of highschools and even colleges are prepared to be fully functioning members of society?   And everyone wonders why education is so expensive...   Why?   I don't believe that. There are literally hundreds of stories since this nations founding of people who had not a dollar to their name or an education to speak of who became famous, rich, important, or remarkable in some way. People used to hop onto trains with the clothes on their backs and get off and find work on a farm. Education helps, but I don't believe it's the end all be all of what it is to be successful in America.