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    • For those of you who can see this, I'm requesting positive thoughts, prayers, stuff like that.    I have a job interview tomorrow for a company I've been trying to get into for over two years. This is the company I hope to work for for the rest of my working life. The job is perfect for me, and I'm perfect for it. I'll tell you all more about it if I get it. 
    • Is Mary Poppins Black Ajah? Did she draw children into the dream world without their consent? By the end of the movie Mary murders a man. And Mary flies like the woman in Egwene’s first visit to Tarabon in the dream world. Also many of the other mechanics in Mary Poppins’ presence can only occur in the dream world. 
    • It should be possible to draw water with only Air or only Water. Admittedly I can think of no reason why a woman would use Earth when it is unneeded and she is weaker in Earth, but it seems far easier for a channeler to use a taught weave than invent a weave. It may have been unintentional difference by the author, but it isn’t a problem. There may be countless ways to draw water, but the basic forces seem to be pressure/force to move the water and constriction/direction to guide the water.
    • When my baby was over six years old, he became incredibly picky about food. He refused meat, fish and some vegetables, it was a real hell. I didn’t know what to do with this for a long time until my girlfriend advised me to try to diversify his diet and start using an emeril hot air fryer. It was a good idea as it does not require a lot of oil, which means it is healthier than other deep fryers or grills. I found some good reviews on this site  https://bestairfryer.reviews/emeril/ and decided to try. The child was pleased and began to eat at least meat again.
    • Hey, I can post!    Unfortunately, it's very late and I've been in the car all day. We drove a friend of our hostess back to his home in Idaho (4 hours each way). His truck broke down and our friend, C, was not up to making that trip due to her health issues.   But we did stop briefly and had a quick snowball fight with the boys!
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