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    • Al'  has 2 meanings in this series. in the Borderlands, it means "Lord". in Two Rivers, it means "son of". Great Hunt mentioned that difference.  
    • about adam for men; Knife of Dreams revealed copies of the original. some chance that they had more than what was revealed.   edit::  like others posted, Randland would likely be united if the Seanchan were to come against them.
    • primary source for the Mary Poppins movies I take to be a set of books that are titled "Mary Poppins".  I do not remember the author.   I do not recall her killing anyone.     Light sided Aes Sedia can also kill; not just Black Ajah. main difference would be killing with the One Power.  Light sided, only when life is threatened; Black Ajah, any time.  
    • something else in the Starscape prologue::  Egwene wears a green scarf.  later in the books, she prefers the Green Ajah.
    • Thread resurrection!   4 years later and I'm still hooked to wotmud. While the game has a relatively steep learning curve, it's better than it has ever been! Starting a character is a breeze now. If you don't like your stats that you can see at level 3, you can use the command "tell guardian prerolledstats" and get a set of prefectly playable stats to start killing things (for all classes except male channeler). Recommended is best to start with a warrior, as those stats are good all the way through endgame. There's also a really good web client available now that even includes a map and ability to set up aliases, no downloading or setup required, just click and start playing!   https://writtenrealms.com/wot/
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