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    • I think fake news is primarily about bias and understanding when it effects reporting. I don't trust anything CNN says about Trump without a second source but a CNN article about Sears closing stores is probably fine. After reading the articles linked as well as articles referenced in them I would say it's easy to identify the bias in this case. The Christians don't care to give more information. I don't think it's intentional fake news but it is misleading. All they want you to know are Christian farmers are dying that's all that matters. On the flip side that BBC reporter is a Muslim and it's clear he's saying both sides are equally guilty but how can that be when the Muslims are coming into the Christians farmlands? I don't think we are getting the full story from either source so I wouldn't take a wide yet.
    • i i was disappointed with some aspects of GoT but I was very happy they were allowed to be offensive and display controversial behavior.  WoT is no where near as edgy as game of thrones, but it certainly has elements of abuse, rape, chauvinism, etc.   I rather them keep it real than appease to a bunch of people that complain on twitter.  I don't want them to take out shadar haran beating graendal and mesaana just because it might offend some.  likewise matt's womanizing should not he sugar coated, nor should graendal's  and rhavin's mind rapes.
    • Nynaeve said she can channel less than half what 10 Aes Sedai with a saangreal can channel. Oh and none of those 10 were particularly weak. And the saangreal in question is the strongest the Tower has.  Yet when it comes to holding Logain right after she healed him, she worries that she can’t maintain a shield which any 6 Aes Sedai can do without angreal. 
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