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Information about WoT ccg needed

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First, true confessions:  I've not read the books.  I don't even own them.  I've developed a bit of an interest, though, so if I ever stumble on them and have a bunch of time on my hands, I want to, but thus far I've neither stumbled on them nor had the time.


I'm a yard sale junkie, and a few years ago, on a whim, I bought a box lot of CCG cards at a moving sale.  Mostly WoT, and then some from one other more obscure game.


The seller wasn't into WoT either, so he couldn't tell me anything at all about them.  He only said that a friend of his had owed him some money, and offered him the cards to pay off the debt, and he took them to make his friend feel better.  He knew he wouldn't be seeing the money.


I sold some of the cards immediately -- there were some sealed boxes of various Booster Packs, which made them easy to sell even with zero knowledge.  The rest of them -- probably 2000-3000 loose cards --  I stowed away for a time when I had the time and energy to learn how to list them intelligently. 


I've spent the past couple of days trying to learn a bit about the cards in an effort to figure out the best way to list them (most likely on an online auction site).  I sorted them into the three sets, and then went through the Dark Prophecies set with a list I found on a ccg fan site (mahasamatman) to figure out which were commons, uncommons, rares, etc.  Among the 700-800 cards, I have a nearly complete set -- missing just one of the R1 Rares -- and of course tons of duplicates.  I haven't yet decided how I'm going to list these, but probably in fairly large lots just to minimize the work and shoo things out of the house faster. 


So for those of you who are into the WoT ccg, a few questions:


1)  Some of the cards don't seem to be from any particular set.  On the lower right, they're either marked "Promo", "Promotional Card", "Secret Card", or "Cycles".  Do any of those go with a particular set, or is there a list somewhere of those cards so that I know what I'm missing?  I know (thank you Wikipedia) that there are four different Cycle cards, but I can't figure out much about the Promo or Secret cards. 


2)  Stupid question, but I'm sick of wondering:  In the "Dark Prophecies" set, there are two different Jaret Byar cards -- one "Jaret", and one "Jarette".  Just curious:  why?  Typo corrected in a later printing?  The rarity list I'm using has them listed separately from the other Uncommons in their own category as "Uncommon (u1)".  Does that actually mean anything or is that just something that guy made up?  


3)  Most of these cards are in individual protective sleeves.  Not the variety that fit into a binder, but just the single ones.  The big sets I'm seeing on eBay are mostly in the binder-sized pages that hold multiple cards per page.  For those of you who play this game / collect these cards, do you really care about that?  I don't really want to buy pages if I don't have to, but I guess I would if it makes a huge difference to people. 


4)  Do you have any other words of wisdom or general advice about listing these? 


Thanks for any info or insights!

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Thank you.  We'll see how it goes.  The sealed packages sold fairly quickly when I had them a few years ago, so hopefully some of those players are still around.  I just wish I knew more about what I have, though.  I guess I'll just have to enjoy the learning curve!

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I can help answer your questions.


1) These are probably all promo cards. The site you found before (mahasamatman) has a list of them. The link to the list is on the same page as the links to the other sets, but is in the text at the top of the page instead of getting its own big link. You can also use the Card Finder on that site to search for all promo cards. I believe this lists all of the official promo cards released. There is also one card not listed on there, called "Insane Designer". Given the text on the card ("You may only bring this card into play if your name appears in the credits to the game"), this was probably originally distributed to employees of the company that made the game, since it wouldn't be playable for anyone that didn't work on the game.


2) The Uncommon 1 designation has to do with the printing process. Cards are printed on large sheets, which are then cut into individual cards. Generally, each rarity has its own sheet. On the sheet will be at least 1 copy of each card at that rarity. So, a rare sheet would have all rare cards printed on it, an uncommon sheet would have all uncommons, etc. The uncommon 1 designation means that the card was printed on the uncommon sheet, and it appears 1 time on there. If a card was Rare 2, it would be printed on the rare sheet, and would appear 2 times on the sheet. Most uncommons in Dark Prophecies are Uncommon 2, meaning they appeared twice per uncommon sheet. In the case of the Jaret Byar cards, other than the name, they are the same card. I suspect that someone fixed the typo on one of the copies of the card on the uncommon sheet, but did not fix it on the other copy on the sheet. So, instead of printing 2 Jaret Byar cards (Uncommon 2) on the uncommon sheet, there is one Jaret Byar (Uncommon 1), and one Jarrette Byar (Uncommon 1).


3) Personally, I've not cared too much whether cards are shipped in the binder pages or in some other form. The most important thing is that they are shipped in a way that they arrive undamaged, which requires some padding in the package, whether you are shipping them in binder pages or not. I think the reason you see so many pictures with cards in binder pages is because that's how a lot of people store their cards when they are collecting them. They may or may not take them out of the pages once it comes time to ship them.


4) No special advice beyond the usual for cards. Try to be as accurate about the condition of the cards as you can.


Personally, I'm still looking for some cards to finish my set, so please PM me when you decide when/where to list them.

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    • Oh I didn't know those weren't all the titles
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